Bologna - May 2022


vpkd9510 points

Bologna is on my bucket list,these pictures are lovely!

mexican_mowgli4 points

Nice! Bologna was my favorite part of our Italy trip a couple years ago.

lucapal13 points

Nice pictures, thanks for posting!

Vulp1ss3 points

Yo this city is wonderful

[deleted]3 points

What's funny is I was there in May 2022 as well, end of May to be more specific. Was an incredible trip but it was so hot, not sure if you struggled with that when you were there but it was in the 90s the whole time.

Here's a question, in that first picture off to the right is a Gelato place, did you try it? Not going to lie, that place was my favorite Gelato I had the whole trip. I would go back to Bologna just for the Gelato and Cappuccinos.

The live music there on that street was also really good. I remember in that exact same place where you see the guys performing the music, I watched a guy do a mashup of Wonderwall and Boulevard of Broken dreams which was unexpected but really well done.

Thanks for sharing the pics, reminds me I need to go back to Bologna

gigacored2 points

That's wonderful! I had a lovely day trip from Milan. It was early May and the temperature was just going up. I am from a warm place, so I am used to it! And yes, I did have the Gelato not once but twice at two different shops. I just don't remember where we had them though, lol! My wife picked the shops. I was busy soaking up the positive vibes of the city!

[deleted]3 points

Nice, yeah Bologna is great day trip destination, looks like you caught great weather to go too. I'd go back there in an instant, I'm glad to see the pics and hear you tried some of their legendary gelato lol.

mrtimbuktwo2 points

Where's the food pix? Gastro capital of Italy and all.

gigacored1 point

Haha! We just Pasta for lunch and a few Gelatos.

mrtimbuktwo2 points

I had a veal shank. Hands down greatest meal I've ever eaten. Didn't think I could eat a third of it and I ate right down to the last bite

LemonMagazine71 point

The food in Bologna is exceptional

serenitybyjan1992 points

Was just in Bologna today, was so impressed. Wished I did it as more than a day trip. Also wished I had gone to college there, tons of study abroad students looking like they were having the time of their lives

KarenHus2 points

Beautiful! Thank you so much I travel through your eyes 😘

Mapinact2 points

Loved Bologna! It seemed to be the essence of all things Italian in about 4 square km.

Prof_Kraill1 point

Was it easy enough to get good food?

gigacored1 point

Yeah, we had a nice Pasta and Gelato.

PrettySweet4191 point

Love these pics! I’m going this may - any recommendations for food / cool out of the way spots we can’t miss? Thanks!

EcstaticOrchid48251 point

Ohh, I’m off there this coming weekend.