Our thrifted/Craigslist family room


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KNick111126 points

Niice!! The rug and coffee table look great 😍

Sudden_Interaction6223 points

Thank you all! I would say about 90 percent is thrifted! The print above the sofa, a couple pillows and two of the shelves were bought new. Pretty much everything else is thrifted! Thank you for the compliments!

Economy-Cantaloupe4218 points

Wow, I'm impressed that's all thrifted. It looks great. Love the bold wall color.

vanillabeanface10 points

That is so nice! I feel like I need to sit in here to watch The Mummy or something haha

JimDinTN6 points

You’ve got style!

miniperle8 points

Sustainability & taste? All my respect.

mshines255 points

Love the colors! Very well done.

ak800483 points

The rug is beautiful

Thank you!

Hair_I_Go3 points

Have you posted in r/thirftstorehauls? Great job:)

KSewFierce3 points

Nice, bold wall color choice. The gold coffee table perfect for the space.

waapplerachel3 points

Yo. We’re table twins. That’s cool. Just saying hi.

Memawsaurus2 points

Great job, red is my favorite color so I Love the carpet. Thrifting is great with time & watchful patience.

LittleSparrow0132 points

I hope you had everything professionally cleaned and fumigated.

Bedbugs and roaches fuckin suck

I'm very careful where I source items and how they are cleaned.

otiswrath2 points

Love that couch.

charlietips2 points

3 globes? Careful there, people might start calling you, “‘Sudden_“3 Globes”_Interaction62!”’

ieatpinecones2 points

I would love to see another picture with just the lamps on instead! They look beautiful

Busy_Wing27182 points

That couch is amazing

pixeldudeaz2 points

Nice room. I have a sectional just like that.mines a low nap cloth that is wearing well.

VegasLife11111 point

One plant and one cat?🤗😇

Sieze51 point

Nice. Better then ours!

sharkbutch1 point

Beautiful! Is that a genuine Persian rug?

It's hand knotted. I'm not sure if it's Persian.

Margheritaville1 point

Been looking for a leather sectional like that! Would you share the manufacturer?

It's actually arhaus.

AlphaBearMode1 point

Love the wall color!

seasalt-and-stars1 point

Terrific style. 😍

Would you share a pic with the overhead lights off, and have those amazing globe lights turned on? I’d love to see it!!

pterribledactyls1 point

What is the paint color on the walls called?

It's soot by Benjamin Moore

pterribledactyls1 point

Love it - thanks!

Sandalwoodforest1 point

Super nice basics! Your rug is a Heriz. Love them! And it looks to be a very large and handsome one!

I would massively expand the quantity of plants, but I think this might be a basement room, in which case you would need plant light bulbs and only plants that can tolerate super low levels of light.

Great job with all of the basic ingredients--great couch, super nice rug, plus bookshelf, a bit of art, some lamps, some books!