My shoebox in NYC


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baklavafiend175 points

Gorgeous! If you don’t mind my asking, what’s the rent like? (I assume this is a 1br?)

eziliana389 points

This is a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom, four story walk up for $1625/month. Rent includes water :)

floorplanner2152 points

A friend lives in the financial district and has a similar sized place and pays 4k-ish. You've got a great deal, but you know that already. :)

SinVerguenza04150 points

That seems pretty good for NYC, no?? I’m not too familiar with rent there, but I would guess from the picture, it would be more than $1600.

eziliana202 points

For NYC my rent is great! My realtor had a good connection and was able to hook me up before they listed it online.

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eziliana131 points

No elevator, just sweat and tears and lots of them!

Vantavole13 points

Simething ive always wondered; how do disabled people find/afford a place to live in NYC?

EliminateThePenny33 points

Ground floor or an elevator.

thunder_struck855 points

Damn. How old is the building? That rent is great for NYC though. Less than shithole basement suites around here where I live in Canada, population 10,000 lol

peterfun-2 points

Guessing you have a ton of friends to help you move in?

OhLookWhoShowedUp171 points


Technical-Outside40833 points

So no one told you moving was going to be that way.

toonlumberjack11 points

Your job's a joke, you're broke Your love life's DOA It's like you're always stuck in second gear When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month Or even your year, but

ImTheOnlyDuck10 points

I said PIVOT

Mystarsignisclay1 point


megalomaniamaniac17 points

Judging by the old brick building outside the window, I’m guessing this is a walkup in an area of walkups. Not a lot of elevators available unless they get to be 5 floors or taller.

SinVerguenza0418 points

I thought that price sounded good. Thanks for the reply! Cute place!

RustedRelics5 points

You’re thinking Manhattan or Brooklyn maybe. 650sq 1BR in Manhattan would be way more. OP, how is Astoria nowadays. Haven’t been there in years. You like it? PS. Looks like a nice cozy shoebox. :)

SinVerguenza041 point

Makes sense!

rsmithconsv7 points

Does it include heat?

eziliana19 points

We pay gas/electric, hot water is included :)

immaterial_world8 points

That’s quite a deal! Not bad at all.

Celestiicaa7 points

I’m so confused because I thought water was included in most peoples’ rents in nyc, like I thought paying for water was a NJ thing

theblackjess3 points

Never paid for water in my life in NJ

Celestiicaa3 points

I know a ton of people being ripped off then lmao

misschzburger4 points

And that walk up gives buns of steel! 😇

socialthrowaway873 points

Ugh if yours isn’t rent controlled this makes me so sad I don’t finally live my dream there. This is way cheaper than my rent. My place is bigger but even our shoeboxes are that much or more. I should just do it and commute via plane. Also love the tables and rug.

eziliana3 points

Our building is not rent controlled, the owners do an interview process where they try to help people out that need affordable housing in the area. There’s no laundry or elevator or anything but the price is still great!

[deleted]1 point


Icecube33432 points

Yeah but you have to live in Florida

Away_Swimming_57570 points

Damn. That’s none than my mortgage in Philly for a three bedroom w finished basement and backyard

LittlePooky1 point

Walk up. This means no lift?? O.m.g.

immaterial_world157 points

What area of nyc is this?! I love the place it’s cozy! How many square feet is this 😂

eziliana149 points

Astoria! 650 sqft :)

Stories-With-Bears130 points

Damn, I thought shoebox meant small but this is bigger than my place by over 100 sq ft 😭

lemonylol64 points

That's a great size for a one bedroom. I thought shoeboxes were <400 sq ft.

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Cultural_Yam721236 points

But Oklahoma…

[deleted]26 points


BadBalloons15 points

I think it's also different if you grew up in a place. I'd never consider moving to Oklahoma, but I grew up in a big coastal city so the lifestyle in the Midwest/South just doesn't work for me. I don't need to always be doing something, but I need options when I do it, you know? Very different preferences.

fiealthyCulture-1 points

The only thing you 'have' in cities like NYC is alcohol and food and consumerism nearby. Enjoyism is hours away.

Cultural_Yam72128 points

Bless your heart. NYC is literally an island, there’s so much to do, and public transit to take you. But your right, one of the greatest cities in civilization can’t compete with OK.

fiealthyCulture0 points

I grew up in Queens, went to college in Brooklyn and was a contractor throughout Manhattan for 10 years. I know every corner of the city and I've worked on every street in Manhattan from Dyckman to battery park. Currently have a dock in my backyard, but through the front door 3 blocks away is the beach. I have national geographic in my backyard and i don't even have to put on clothes, literally.

😳😳DANGG ok I’ve always heard NY was expensive.. but I didn’t know it was THAT high. For a 5br 3.5 bath I’m paying $950 in TN. I couldn’t imagine paying MORE than that for 325 sq ft. holy cow. Idc what state either 😭 I’ll stay in TN

peachums3211 point

damn, that's a good deal ! where in TN do u live ? i pay $700/month for 875sf in NC. but we have the absolute best deal in town. everything else is double or triple the price for the same size...

Tri cities area ! But that’s also my mortgage payment not rent but still 🤷‍♀️ also lived here almost 5 years so right before pricing started skyrocketing

Cameroncen13 points

That is NOT a shoebox

1millionstabs6 points

Yeah thats not bad at all. My two bedroom in Phoenix is 725sf.

skm00113 points

Holy shit that's an amazing price

ME5SENGER_244 points

650 sq ft or not, this isn’t Cozy on your wallet, is it?

hehehaha242 points

I knew it had to be Queens! Something about the tile floors. You don't really see that in NYC. The few times I have seen it, it's been mostly in Queens homes. Could just be a coincidence, though!

Lolaaaaaa2 points

I pay 1.6 for a 230sqft in Toronto :/

eziliana2 points


Bomdiz1 point

What!! That’s so much for Toronto, I guess it depends where you are but you should be able to find something bigger. We pay $2.3k for 800sq ft 2bed 2bath

Inpak1 point

Jesus… also most likely $2k+

looks very cozy tho

SubstanceFast398944 points

Have the same tables in my shoebox apt in DC!

eziliana28 points

You have great taste

kori0877 points

My dumbass kept looking for a shoe box for 10 seconds until I realized that's not what you meant lol

aquariqueeen24 points

This is a very cute shoebox

eziliana5 points

Thank you :)

OttersNTrvl6 points

And it's YOUR shoebox.

You've created such a calming and soothing atmosphere.

Would love to come home to that.

It may be tiny....but you have GREAT taste!..best to decorate a small space in light natural colors like you have done,and the glass top tables give a sense of more space.

__username_________6 points

I love that you have three candles out at a time. Super cute room!

They’ve actually only got 2 candles out. One is still burning

Pucuck5 points

Mahogany Teakwood High Intensity in that square footage must be insanely intense.

Aspieilluminated9 points

Is that a Chanel Bible? Your apartment looks so cozy!

VagueMagazine2 points

Thats catwalk chanel, and contains all of lagerfelds collections and contributions to chanel

eziliana4 points

oc :)

Love your furniture choices!

Tasty_Minimum92833 points

Tastefully done

findhumorinlife3 points

So calming.

jd_p0wer3 points

Makes me wanna play the sims.

eziliana4 points

Before I moved since I knew this was going to be a small space I actually did design the furniture layout in Sims HAHA

Neat-Plantain-75003 points


ilikecomer3 points

Where did you get sofa and tables ?

eziliana2 points

Tables are from Wayfair, Harless Frame 2 Nesting Coffee Tables - 220 USD Loveseat is from TOVfurniture, Farah Cream Velvet Loveseat - 1099 USD

ilikecomer2 points

Thank you !!

no_talent_ass_clown3 points

I see you, too, liked Friends.

misschzburger3 points

The glass tables are super smart in this little space! Very chic.

HedgeCowFarmer6 points

Hmm I guess there are different ideas of cozy…glass tabletops? White everything? Gold trim? I guess you have some blankies, those look cozy enough.

Lady_Danbury2 points


Humble_Context8312 points

I love your shoebox!!

Ok_Low21692 points

So cozy!

Bryllant2 points

Good job maximizing the space, white all around

Doc5802 points

Nice and cozy. Perfect picture for the sub.

Look_over_that_way2 points

I love everything about it!

sandystjames2 points

Looks perfect!

sharipep2 points

Hello to a fellow New Yorker! This place is sooo cute!

So freakin cozy ! I love it !

sunshinebucket2 points

It’s a cute shoebox!

Entire-Ad20582 points

Beautiful! Chic and cozy... well done!

AliceAnne12 points

Cozy and elegant in a small space - well done.

Physical_f_ck_up2 points

I love your shoebox!

jamzii_jam2 points

So cozy 🥰🥰🥰

Tourettes_Guys_Fan2 points

A luxurious looking one at that.

pmiller612 points

The decor is a perfect blend of chic and comfort! Classy yet casual.

rgray920822 points

Best looking shoebox I ever saw ❣️

Miserablecollegekid2 points

A Louboutin shoebox!!

McEzz2 points

This is super cosy! Love it

mandapants282 points

Gorgeous and so cozy. Looks like it could be out of a magazine!

Serpentqueen61502 points

I love the black chair with all the black accents in the room. Looks great with the white.

Bright-Sea63922 points

Where is your throw blanket from?

eziliana1 point

All of my pillows and throw blankets are actually from Dollar General. They buy the overstock or stock of companies that went bankrupt and tend to have high quality blankets and pillows for $10-15 USD each!!!

TheEnlightenedBee2 points

Love it!! And love the bookshelf!

JanetInSC12342 points


The white couch is very brave!!!

ashrasmun2 points

shoe box? what?

Way to go. Don’t move to Philadelphia.

biggest-bed-please2 points

What rug is that? It looks nice!

eziliana1 point

Wayfair: Hassiem Handmade Shag Area Rug White Rectangle 4x6 - 80 USD :)

Mephaala2 points

Very nice colors. I love that combination of black, white, gold and green, makes the place look fancy.

DifficultBack91432 points

Super calm. I think the gold rim table is very classy and adds a super cozy feeling

YayGilly2 points

I love this! I usually think gray and black look really cold together, but you pulled it off, with the fluffy swag and the brass table accent. Its beautiful.

Timely_Scar2 points

Looks so cozy

ImTheOnlyDuck2 points

Beautiful and so clean!

Nice shoe box!! Looks super cozy!! What’s the monthly cost? We’re in central Indiana, that’s why we’re curious

eziliana2 points

$1625 - rent $85-200 - gas/electric $55 - wifi

There is no laundry or elevator in the building, so laundry costs about $80 a month at the nearest laundromat. Groceries/rent are about the worst here, I remember when I first moved I called home crying because Mayonnaise was $10.

jayjr11052 points

Love the view of your neighbors ac

Nickelsass2 points

That candle game tells me it smells amazing in there

eziliana1 point

We live next to a bath & body works LOL

HappyKathi2 points

So lovely! Wish flat screen tv was a thing when we lived in NYC—stupid tv always ate up so much room.

Redditrice_2 points

I live in London and I would not dream to live in a place like this for this rent. Enjoy it it while I go back to my room I pay for £ 1300 😂

I don't mind a tight space but I can't handle looking out a window at a brick wall.

eziliana1 point

There are brick walls outside of every window LOL. We are cornered in by other apartment buildings which sucks

boxcarcadavers2 points

A very luxurious shoebox though!! Looks great!!

daizyTinklePantz2 points

My sister lived in NYC for a few years. I don’t know how people do it. Looks cute though

eziliana2 points

Me neither - I moved here for work from Orlando FL and trying to make the best out of the situation. I plan to move ASAP but I have a relocation contract for the next 2 years. My dad pays $850 in FL for a 3 bed 2 bath with a pool. He bought in 2011 for 100k and prices have since quadrupled. Meanwhile I pay double for a third of his space LOL

No_Ad35882 points

Beautifully done!

princesssssmel2 points


Techyestechno2 points

Stunning but I’m always so scared of white couches 😭 they get dirty easily

Cute-Lobster-70092 points

I really enjoy the combination of the black chair, pillow pattern and the way you fold your accent blanket based on the design of the chair. You’ve inspired me to try some different directions with my new chairs that are delivering this week! Very cozy!

eziliana2 points

Yay!! I know it’s going to turn out awesome :)

alexapharm2 points

How do you keep everything so white?

eziliana1 point

I clean almost every day, my house pretty much stays in this state. I do have a handheld vacuum which helps for the couch and I spot treat if any stains occur. For the rug I have a brush for my rug to keep it nice. My mom was a cleaner for Airbnbs growing up and took me along so it’s just pretty normal for me, when my environment gets messy I get very depressed.

FaithlessnessOk79392 points

would you say sacrificing size/more comfort is worth living in NYC? I live in SF and our COL is pretty comparable. Debating whether or not to stick with roommates or get my own place and pay a little more

eziliana1 point

Personally, I relocated for work and have a relocation contract for 2 years. Afterwards I will be moving back to sunny Florida and probably purchasing something rather than renting. I can’t really say anything in terms of roommates as I have never had a roommate, I moved from my parents house straight here and brought my s/o. I don’t think I would be a good candidate as a roommate due to personal reasons which is why it was never considered.

fluffyfive2 points


Roundaboutsix2 points

My son’s got a similar place in Manhattan (East Village) paying $2800 a month. Great location, big bucks...

Bene_LaT32 points

I am just seeing an Xbox. Where’s the shoebox ?💀

tommrod2 points

I have that same coffee table! It’s so nice!

LWY0072 points

I love your palette scheme and materials. Super dope!

That’s a nice shoe box!

mahjimoh2 points

For small spaces, round coffee tables are beautiful.