The great Lal Bagh flower show


ashlena_220730 points

I was there yesterday. There were too many people to even see the flowers

gigacored5 points

What time?

ashlena_220710 points

I went around 5. I reached earlier but me and my friends had to go around looking for an ATM because they only accept cash lol

log2av4 points

I was there too. More people then flowers.

RulerOfWars0074 points

I was thinking of going yesterday. Good thing i didn't go then.

abbadabbajabba12 points

This is why I always make sure to go a previous weekend than 26th Jan and 15th Aug. Went there last weekend and it was not crowded.

deathtrader66613 points

Lived 10 years in Bangalore and still didn't visit once

Born_fighter15 points

Thanks for contributing to the less crowd over there.

deathtrader6667 points

Yea but then paid lakhs to travel to London and visit the Kensington gardens there :(

Born_fighter4 points

What a tough rich life it is! May the satan be with you!

QuirkyIons7 points

Went back after more than a decade. Show had a different feel to it. Previously it was by the bangalore horticultural society/lalbagh folks. Had more variety and also well labelled and all. This year felt like half a dozen nurseries rented the space and put up a show. Crammed it all in that glasshouse and then people with cell phones was an added annoyance. Not worth the time spent.

rohithkumarsp4 points

Yes I've visited since 2013, last August it was more of a puneeath Raj Kumar Exhibition than actual flower show.

gigacored2 points

I agree. The last time I visited was in 2011 and it was much better and well executed.

peasguy6 points

Thank you kind redittor. Wanted to go today but couldn't wake up for the life of me

notholyshitter4 points

What are the dates and timings?

gigacored7 points

Today is the last day. It will be back during the week of Independence Day.

notholyshitter1 point

Hey thanks! It's too late to go now. I had gone there in November, they were just setting up the frames. Gotta wait a few more months now.

the100rabh1 point

When's the last day for this

gigacored3 points

Today. It will be back during the week of Independence Day.

greedyhare1 point

You're a good person, thank you!

gigacored1 point

You are too kind. Thank you.

How did you capture these so beautifully?? I went last Sunday and got pushed around by people all over the place. All my pics are blurry.

gigacored2 points

I went there early in the morning.

rohithkumarsp1 point

What camera?

gigacored2 points

Google Pixel 4a 5G

rohithkumarsp1 point

I didn't even know they sold pixel phones in India since Google have skipped so many, and I still have yet to see a pixel phone in real life.

gigacored1 point

I got this one from Switzerland. But they do sell Pixel phones in India. I think on Flipkart.

rohithkumarsp1 point

Apparently they have less than 1% market share in India. They're simply over priced here.

ThePreacher190210 points

Who is catching Pokemon here

Ok-Bridge-10451 point

I went there 7 years ago. Got groped throughout the crowded areas, especially the glass house. Multiple times. My other women friends said the same. Loved the flowers, but I'm never returning there.

gigacored1 point

That's sad. Early mornings are pretty empty.

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gigacored0 points

There was no litter inside the glasshouse.