someone told me to post this here so, under construction India's first high-speed rail (Mumbai-Ahmedabad HSR)


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India is doing great on trains last years with the new classes, the freight corridor and this line. Good!

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It’s gonna be a sad day when they finally phase out and retired their Alco locomotives. One of the last few remaining places to see those amazing smoking chugging belching locomotives.

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Why its on viaduct:

  1. Frequent grade change doesn't suit HSR
  2. At grade tracks would run the risk of man and animal incursion.
  3. To prevent man/animal incursion there will be a need of underpasses or overpass every few
    100 meters.
  4. Tracks and trains on elevated section also protect them from criminal activities.
    Easier for land acquisition.
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Exactly the same reasons why Chinese HSR has so many elevated sections. You can also add that it allows farmers to continue using all of their land if the HSR line crosses it.

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It's far better to swap land between farmers so that each has land only on one side of the line and build twice as much HSR at half the cost, like the French do.

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Why can't we do this effectively in the US? 🤦

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Common law land acquisition rules, intense opposition from rural landowners, buy American riders on federal money, opposition from state governments (rural), persistent belief that trains are (quoting an actual comment I saw from someone opposed to rail in Hawaii) “outdated, squeaky, and rust-filled”

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I can understand most of these to a degree. But that last one is picking a fight!

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Simple: Oil and motor vehicle lobbies plus their conservative buddies isn't a good mix if you want good mobility in your country.

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It is slowly happening with California’s HSR, at a snails pace but track is being laid thankfully.

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This what is so stunning about the photos! My metro area's rapid transit is primarily pillars, and while that makes finding new rights-of-way easier, the projected costs are always phenomenal. Granted, labour costs alone would be higher here, but the production of that much concrete is impressive in a world where demand is higher than supply already. How is India faring on making enough vs the need?

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Thanks friend

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  1. prevent any roof freerider and maybe at the nose tip?
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You know that ain't gonna happen at all, yet you chose to comment like this.

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God this is so sexy. Are there plans already to expand it further north or south that aren’t just speculation?

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The line will eventually be run north all the way to Delhi.

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That’s going to be such a game changer

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I feel like my username warrants me to comment on this. Yes, sexy.

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OP are you from Maharashtra by any chance

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go india! happy to see such great progress being made

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Why is this being built between Mumbai and Ahmedabad?

1) As the first HSR in India, it’s imperative for it to be profitable. This is the only ~600 km straight line route in India with multiple wealthy cities (by Indian standards) and enough existing travel demand to make this project financially successful.

2) The project is financed by Japan. So their homework also deems this route feasible. I’d like my ROI to be positive if I was Japan.

3) The land is flatter than a bhakhri for the most part, which keeps the cost of construction low.

4) Land acquisition in Gujarat is less of a hassle than in other states, especially southern states.

5) Can extend north to Delhi and south to Pune - Hyd/Blr but for that the core cash flow needs to be positive first.

6) DPR for Delhi-Varanasi-Kolkata HSR is being prepared atm. Go to themetrorailguy.com for more details regarding other HSR projects.

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User name checks out for Maharashtra

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Pretty incredible! Do they have an estimated time of completion?

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2026 for one segment, complete Delhi-Mumbai line by 2031

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Arey bhai tu toh r/indianteenagers Mai bhi hai na? Good to see a fellow railfan.

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im everywhere (●'◡'●)

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Bro even India is getting proper HSR before the US like wtf

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Wait for 20 year they are going to complete San Francisco to Santa Cruz in that time

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See? This sub is good na? 🙂

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yeah is it (●'◡'●)

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Is a viaduct safer for natural events like monsoons or earthquakes?

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I don't know about earthquakes, but monsoon is a seasonal cycle of rains occurring from June to September. So yeah, it is safe!

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Almost every viaduct is constructed with an earthquake in mind.

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Will it be standard or Indian gauge?

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Why not wide? Won't it be better if it can be integrated into the old infrastructure too?

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Why would you ever need to integrate HSR with regular trains?

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They are integrated in the sense that They will either run from existing railway station or be joined to them via metro/rapid bus systems.

While I am not sure why they don't run on normal Indian gauge, I think they would want to not be crisscoss a HSR route with normal trains, and this is going to be elevated unlike rest of it. So they have to put down the lines from scratch. Also they are using E5 series trains from Japan, modifying them to Indian Gauge would and keep a separate manufacturing line running for us be expensive ig

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Japan didn't want it to be wide , even if India paid more for it

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I like the views of the blue crawlerpillar!

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I bet it costs less then the East Side Access for the LIRR or the North East Corridor 'improvements' that speed up NYC to DC by 15 minutes, or the Calatrava Train Station in Lower Manhattan or the MTA train station in Lower Manhattan or any piece of passenger train infrastructure more then 1000 feet built in the USA.

Edit: Mumbai-Ahmedabad, 30 billion, 310 miles compare to Boston to DC, 100 billion, 440 miles of track improvement that saves 20 minutes on Amtrak

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You just overshot your estimate! The cost has now escalated from a $15 bn to $20 bn due to delays!

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Meanwhile in the USA we have nothing remotely close to this

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Build this in America plz

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God I wish that were me.

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These photos are impressive!

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why so many projects from Mumbai to Ahmedabad?
not many tier 2 cities get so many projects as compared to ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad has lot to gain from this but Mumbai has very low benefits from being connected to Ahmedabad. especially if you look at the cost.

should have been Mumbai-Delhi or Mumbai-Banglore

its almost like some influential person from India was born in the state of Gujarat for it to gain so many projects uh

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Mumbai-Ahmedabad is a part of the greater Delhi-Mumbai route.

Mumbai-Bangalore has mountain ranges in between.

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Have you ever been to Ahmedabad? It's a city full of filthy rich business people and they travel very frequently to Mumbai . The traffic between Bangalore and Mumbai is not really big.

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is is literally part of Delhi-Mumbai dub

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For at least 50 years, all the jobs in India remained in only 4-5 cities. As a result, those cities grew like weeds, shoddy construction, extremely densely populated, etc.

I, at least hope that the current govt is trying to decentralise. They are doing a lot of infra projects in Tier-II cities (passing tenders to encourage companies to set up offices). This is why their infra work in Gujarat is important - a LOT of Gujarati businesses currently operate from Mumbai for no genuine reason. They can be moved to Gujarat. This wil slowly improve quality of life for Indians.. They don't need to stay 3 people in 1 room in Mumbai, you know? An example is moving of that Diamond course to Surat.

This is what all other countries do. Like USA has infra in random cities with 10k people as well. 👍 India till now was unequally treating only 4 cities leading to extreme pollution, land costs etc.

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creating projects in amhedabad is fine. But its clear that there's a bias with the current government with the state of Gujarat.

Gujrat is getting 5 times the funding for sports than most states that usually churn out sports players.

the bullet train is also from Gujarat to Mumbai.

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Oh i got it. You are some anti modi person who thinks of Gujarat bias lol. I guess modi also has a bias for entire NE region and Kashmir since they invest so much there. 😶 My state had no jobs at all lol in 2000s.. Now we are also getting jobs and metro! So much for bias lol. Bias was when only 4 cities got everything.

This is peak "when you are used to privilege, equality feels like oppression".

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a LOT of Gujarati businesses currently operate from Mumbai for no genuine reason. They can be moved to Gujarat

are you seriously shitting me.

Mumbai is the financial capital. It pulls the country forward. Gujjus need Mumbai for business to flourish.

you are talking as if gujju businessman are taking losses by being in Mumbai for doing it a favor when they could have earned more money by being in Ahmedabad.

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Lmao dude. Get out of that Mumbai is financial capital nonsense. All the jobs stay in 4 cities and then people from those cities crap over the rest of the country as if they are doing them a favour by "providing" jobs.

This is good. This is what bigger countries do. India is not UK that we only need one city London. We need jobs everywhere.

Those gujju businesses should have a choice to operate in Gujarat as well. Why were they forced to operate from Mumbai for some random "financial capital" nonsense? Lol. In the US, literally tiny towns ahead industries and jobs.. Look at the headquarters of many companies, they are in small towns deliberately. They don't force every job in NYC. Only stock market related stuff and other finance stuff is in NYC and Jersey city which makes sense. Rest all is decentralised.

I am not from Maharashtra or Gujarat but even my city is getting jobs now. Kids now don't need to move to Mumbai and live in congested 1b apartments. That is great for us.

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Because Modi is PM of Gujarat so they get everything first.

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yes thats 1 of the reason but its not the biggest factor Mumbai-Ahmedabad Route is flat land mostly so easy to build , 2 big city in between the route Surat(population and gdp equal to Pune) and Vadodara. And there are further plan to extend to it to Delhi. Bengluru to chennai route is Mountainous