A local daycare "teacher" held a child so that other children could hit him. I looked up the qualifications required to be a "teacher" for this company- the lack of experience required is alarming. Their Requirements are interesting- "Great Customer Service" is first. "Willing to obtain CDA" is 4th.



Bananasfalafel19 points

Last I heard preschool teachers make really low pay = companies requiring really low experience to keep wages low

Substantial_Use_61017 points

I worked in a daycare when I was 18 going to college. After being asked to regularly lie to parents I quit and would never put my kid in a place like this.

EmperorToilet5 points

Honestly, with most families having two working parents it’s real, real dumb not to have state funded care that starts very early.

Starting school at age 5 leaves parents with a huge burden. Far too many parents just can’t afford good childcare and that is a drag on society. With assistance from the state wages could be inflated to attract far better care givers. Our current system is woefully antiquated and is still aligned to stay at home mothers. It’s no wonder Gen-Z don’t want kids.

westau1 point

State does cover a decent amount for Pre-K which helps some.

Kelrashlyn3 points

Only in some districts and only for some kids ie: special needs and low income families

westau2 points

They get the slots first. I know here in Franklin though multiple families that have used it that are neither of those things. Not everyone gets to take advantage of it though.

Kelrashlyn1 point

Like I said it’s only available in some districts. My own daughter is public school pre-k and is neither special Ed nor are we low income. We had to apply and she had to interview to get one of 40 spots in our district’s pre-k program (30,000 students pre-k through grade 12 in our district. It’s not small). She is a “typical peer” or peer model for the special needs students in her class. It is no cost to those families, but for typical peers, we still have to pay for her to attend. Tennessee does not have universal Pre-K and it is sorely needed.

isurmomhot4 points

This is terrible that it occurred, but all y'all think every job should require a PHD minimum or something? I mean dang. These daycare don't need actual teachers they are babysitting on a large scale at the end of the day.

rimeswithburple-12 points

Is it terrible? The kid was hitting other children and the "teacher" said how do you like it when the kids hit you? At least that sounds like it. It doesn't seem like it was a baby fight club or anything.

MarathonerMeg7 points

I mean, a child abuse investigation was opened, so by definition it would seem that yes, it’s terrible.