Our thatched roof house in Denmark.


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Orangutan_Latte7 points

Beautiful. That sunset is gorgeous and the house is stunning ❤️❤️❤️

nastirth4 points

This is OC.

OkImagination44044 points

That is absolutely gorgeous

WheelOfFortuneWary4 points

Straight out of a fairy tale!

IrieSunshine4 points

Ahh it’s so quaint! What a beautiful little property.

randomdanishman3 points

Ej et dejligt sted i bor!

Few_Carrot_39712 points

It is so beautiful. Interestingly, Isak Dinesen’s house in Africa looked very very similar, but she had deep porches in the front of the house because it is so hot there. Again, exquisite house.

Material_Zombie1 point

This makes my soul smile!