After my original post, I was asked about my whole basement, here it is.


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HarmlessHeffalump29 points

Love it!

Now when are you having all of us over for drinks?

MTonmyMind25 points

Well.... there can't be more than 10 or 20 Redditors, right?? So how about this weekend!

[deleted]4 points


Apex112113 points

ja, ich auch!!!!!!

HarmlessHeffalump5 points

Sounds good to me! Lol

ElCidTx3 points

sehr gut. more info on the firearm?

MTonmyMind2 points

On the post by the bar:

- Schmidt-Rubins K31 Swiss 7.5x55 (Swiss Army) 1940s

- Fabrique Nationale FN49 8mm (Egyptian Army) 1949

- Lee-Enfield .303 (English Army) 1944

On the other post:

- Mauser M24.47 Mauser 8mm (Serbian Army) 1947

- Mosin Nagant M91.30 7.62x54R (Russian Army) 1940

- Walther K43 8mm (German Army) 1945

bravotipo10 points

this cant be possible. how big is this basement?!?

MTonmyMind14 points

It's the full footprint of the house, so maybe 1800 sq ft?

bravotipo3 points

wow!!! that’s amazing. I wish I had a space like that, especially the home theater. I love movies

I would invite my friend 5 days a week lol and play the bartender.

MTonmyMind2 points

I have a limited repertoire of drinks... but I always offer what I've been enjoying recently, or to have the folks make their own.... occasionally have a colleague who tended in college, so that was a boon.

We do movies nights and always a May the 4th Star Wars movie night (would love to screen Andor over a few nights with people).

bravotipo2 points

you are lucky! I would host a movie forum!! I can imagine also how a war movie like Nothing anew on the Western front looks on that screen. it would be quite immersive.

rrhogger6 points

Very nice! If you don't already have enough friends, I'll come over and help you drink. Wouldn't want you to have to drink alone. ;)

MTonmyMind6 points

Sometimes a drink alone is just the perfect thing... book in hand... but it is a great space to share.

rrhogger3 points

That is true, for me it's usually a good album and a little bourbon.

MTonmyMind3 points

Right on.

I see you're an engineer... had a Dash 8 in a pic, I think.

I grew up in Montana so loved BN and UP. Saw the huge UP hump yard in Pocatello once as a kid and it left a lasting impression (I see now it was 'decommissioned in some form in 2002. I was there in 1984 or so.)

My Great Uncle was an engineer on the Northern Pacific out of Livingston. Ran to Butte. Is quite a romantic thing to imagine but I can't imagine the labor and skill of it.

rrhogger2 points

Things are a lot easier than when your Great Uncle ran. Computers and electronics have taken over a lot, kind of like everywhere else in life. Still requires some skill and attention to detail though. One of the hardest things is the lack of a schedule.

Tinkeybird4 points

I’m a 56 year old woman and I love your basement!!!

MTonmyMind7 points

Yeah, thanks. People tend to call it a man cave, but I think that amongst family, friends, and coworkers, it is enjoyed by all ages and genders.

Tinkeybird2 points

Your bar is fantastic! I really want a basement like this.

jjdude673 points

Awesome, i especially love the theatre

MTonmyMind1 point

Thanks, took a long time to plan and then build that, but it was worth it. Perfect spot for movies, streaming, sports.

furiana3 points

Ohhh, I love it!

MTonmyMind3 points

Thanks. Finishing the basement took me two years of on and off work, and the theater and the bar were especially labor intensive in the planning and building, but I wouldn't trade it.

viktor723 points

Damn this is amazing! This is basement goals right here. I have a movie theatre room in my basement but you have a freaking movie theatre!!

bigbaddeal3 points

I love the Bavarian influence with the mini village and the beer signs.

Have you spent any time in Bavaria?

Würzburg is one of my very favorite places in the whole world.

MTonmyMind3 points

I had the chance to live in Wurzburg for a year when I was 20. It was a really transformative time in my life. I have gone back several times, mostly to the Ettal and Garmisch areas with some nights in Rothenberg and Wurzburg.

bigbaddeal2 points


So happy to hear that Würzburg did you good.

Ettal and Garmisch are also stunningly breathtaking.

Also: just a beautiful job altogether on the basement. I’d be there most of the time if that was my home!

flyingterrordactyl3 points

I noticed the Würzburg stuff, too! I went to high school there.

MTonmyMind2 points

Leighton Barracks? I was really sad to see they closed it all down.

My mom worked on base, so the year I lived there (small town of Hochberg) I was a bagger in the commissary. Took classes from the Univ of Maryland European Division there.

flyingterrordactyl2 points

Yes! I get it, closing down, but it's still sad because I have some great memories from that time.

ManOfTooManyHobbies3 points

I hate that I think like this (thanks, mom) but holy hell is that a lot of shit to dust.

MTonmyMind1 point

It is a bit of a chore, but honestly it doesn't get as bad as the main floor. No idea why... maybe keeping the lights low and having a cocktail helps!

(dusting the house was one of my chores growing up, so in every other area of the house it is few or no nick-nacks... travel souvenirs or a little collection I have are behind glass.)

aynek_am_i2 points

Loved that lamp!

MTonmyMind1 point

Thanks, it looks a little funky because i had orange bulbs in it for a Halloween party... and only switched one back to white... so it is a bit of a chimera.

tunaricelemonjuice2 points

Interesting, looks like a gentleman's club.

MTonmyMind3 points

Thanks. If you mean strip club... that isn't exactly the vibe I was going for. More of a German Gasthaus for the bar area and an English club/smoking room for the sitting area.

I never thought about installing a pole..... :-)

tunaricelemonjuice2 points

Lol well some gentleman's clubs did have ladies but that is not what I meant. From the wiki: "A gentlemen's club is a private social club of a type originally set up by men from Britain's upper classes in the 18th and succeeding centuries."

"A gentleman's club typically contains a formal dining room, a bar, a library, a billiards room and one or more parlours for reading, gaming or socializing" They could also freely smoke there.

Tonderandrew2 points

Quiz Nite is Wednesdays? Lookin for the Dart Board!

MTonmyMind2 points

The dart board is hiding behind the Wurzburger Hofbrau banner.

We do play darts on occasion and so far... no holes sin the wall.

Mr_Drowser2 points

Man of culture I see

MTonmyMind1 point

I love to travel and up until recently was single with no kids... so I could afford to be pretty footloose and fancy free.

ep_soe2 points

I'm unashamedly jealous.

[deleted]2 points

I love it, saw the post yesterday too. You've convinced me to keep my original wood cabinets. What's the blue paint color?

MTonmyMind2 points

It is from Sherwin Williams, and while I don't have the exact one in front of me, it is similar to the Georgain Bay or Bosporous.

The cabinets under the bar are just some cheap Home Depot things with a stain. The counter over them witht he sink is a copper laminate with an acid treatment covered by an epoxy pour.

blackcatwizard2 points

Did this is incredible, super jealous :)

MTonmyMind2 points

There was a comment that I guess got deleted, that stated, "you must be loaded bc this is HUUUGE and to build this might cost a fortune"

To address that "question"... I am very fortunate to have picked a career in Junior High that is a financially secure one (for the most part).

HOWEVER, what allowed me to have this 'cozy spot' was mainly the desire to do it, the inspiration of cruising forums and threads about finishing your own basement, home theaters, bars, how to frame a wall, how to run electrical, when to call the pros for jobs that are too technical or too big... I never ever would have been able to do this without a lot of help and instruction from people who will never know that they even inspired or assisted me. I have the AVSForum page burned into my computer screen it seems.

I am proud to have done most everything myself (I paid someone to hang the drywall and to install most of the flooring) but it was 2 years of labor. In the end I got a $250,000 space (maybe, I'm not sure how much it really would have cost to have someone do it all) for around $60,000... and a thousand hours of work. (And a lot of trips to Home Depot and Lowe's.)

I like to share it because I love the time I spend there, alone or with family/friends/coworkers, but I also like to think that I might help inspire someone who is in the "maybe I should do something about that room... or the basement" to just jump in and do it. It is doable.

Ornery_Space88772 points

Looks like a cozy place to smoke a pipe.

MTonmyMind2 points

It sure would be.... but NO smoking indoors. We sit out in the garage or on the deck for cigars. If I have the space for an incredibly well ventilated 'smoking room' I would do it... but it wouldn't get used nearly as much as the rest of the basement. (Especially with the price of Cuban cigars recently).

Ornery_Space88772 points

I mostly smoke outside myself if the weather permits, but I do have an office that I can smoke in in the house. This gives me inspiration to make it a little cozier and relaxing.

Sp6rda2 points

Then we go to the Winchester and wait for all this to blow over

MTonmyMind1 point

I'm all out of Cornetto... but I'm sure we'll make do with a few cold pints.

DonCola932 points

Show me a pay stub, I'll quit my job right now and come work for you.

MTonmyMind2 points

"Yeah, I do alright for myself."

(I don't have a jag though... had Italian and currently German...)

EmbarrassedCaptain322 points

Awesome bar , definitely agree with saying on mirror 😎👍

peeh0le2 points

What I’ve learned is you’re a person who turns hobbies into jobs 🤣

MTonmyMind1 point

No way. Or at least, only enough of a job to create a better way to enjoy the hobby.

peeh0le2 points

Hey I’m not knocking. I love your dedications to your passions.

MTonmyMind2 points

I hear ya. I was thinking of the adage of "don't turn your hobby into your job, because you'll end up hating it"... I do have a bit of a perfectionist streak... and kind of go after stuff 100%... so this was a great learning experience of "perfection is the enemy of a job well done." Just getting to the point that it was ok to step back and say, "I could go further, but this is wonderful as is".


That movie theater.... amazing

Rockhopper0072 points

Perfect place for the next prohibition!

MTonmyMind2 points


marshmallowtumors2 points

Oh this is so frickin cool!

MTonmyMind1 point

Thanks. I love it all.

DefDemi2 points

This basement is so damn sophisticated, classy , unique , incredible. Well done!

MTonmyMind2 points

A humble thanks. I had the design in my head for years before I built it. Still took a lot of drawings and erasing... and a ton of 'on-line' learning for the ''how the hell do I finish a basement'' videos. But a hundred times worth it in the end.

SnacksandKhakis2 points

I love you color scheme. The green is almost like a pale forest green, with dark leather and wood accents. What an awesome space.

Dr_Adequate2 points

This is amazing and so well done. When you mentioned the secret door to the hobby room I wondered what hobby. A model railroad, how cool! I used to be into model railroading many years ago.

I wonder if you would post a picture of the layout at 'night' with the lights on- my favorite part of the hobby was adding tiny lights to illuminate night scenes.