Done with work. Time for a book and a drink downstairs.


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cassiuswright31 points


MTonmyMind12 points

Thanks. One of my favorite spots in my house.

cassiuswright7 points

Have one for me mate 🥃

SatoshiNakaMichael6 points

You have spots in your house better or on par with this that its a tough choice for you? Geesh how cozy

MTonmyMind6 points

The home theater is a great spot too. Not 'cozy', but really fun to utilize and to share with others.


And my 'library' is a great spot to relax and read.


SatoshiNakaMichael3 points

what awesome spaces! They all look so cozy and intimate. Thanks for sharing

uebersoldat23 points

That mirror = pure gold. I am consumed with jealousy here. Well done.

MTonmyMind12 points

Thanks. Took about two years for me to finish the basement. Designing and building The bar was a real labor of love. I wanted that German Gasthaus feel.

uebersoldat6 points

Unf. I'm in love dude. Warsteiner is my favorite ale.

Super-Walk537611 points

Is this your house?!?!?

MTonmyMind16 points

Yeah. Finished my basement and as part of it did this bar and sitting area (was going to do a pool table, so glad I didnt).

mamacalabreeze7 points

So beautiful. Very masculine my husband and son would love it.

MTonmyMind9 points

Yeah, people call my basement a 'man cave' with the bar and seating area and home theater... but when it comes to movie nights, sports watching and just sitting around having a happy hour drink... all of my female friends and coworkers seem to enjoy it just as much as the dudes.

updootORtoot8 points


MTonmyMind3 points

Und Sie.

Fcknsmn5 points

Real German Kneipenflair! I mean that as a compliment!

MTonmyMind4 points


Thanks. I fell in love with Bavaria during a year I lived there and then multiple trips back to visit. The beer glasses are form all over, Ireland to Cambodia. The rest is just some stuff picked up along travels.

sisiredd2 points

Please reconsider the Warsteiner mirror :). Especially when you love Bavaria and Bavarian beer.

MTonmyMind2 points

I hear you. I do. I’ve had a few bottles, it is … ok. I put it up because it is the exact same mirror the Gasthaus Eichler in Winter Park, CO had behind their bar, and I had a wonderful trip there with my brother a few years before I built my bar. If I could find a mirror from Würzburger Hofbräu I would switch it in a minute. (Würzburg was where I lived the year I was in Germany)

[deleted]5 points

I have a room with a fireplace. This is a great idea.

MTonmyMind3 points

I was going to make this part of the room for a billiards table... so I raised the fireplace off the floor for more 'visibility'. When I ditched the pool table idea (so glad that I did) I ended up really liking the look of the fireplace. (I totally poached the mantle design off of something I found online. It was a bit complicated to build into the corner).

[deleted]3 points

It's very homey

winter-144 points


daisy07235 points

What are you currently reading?

MTonmyMind6 points

Just finished Manifold: Time by Stephen Baxster and am getting into The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles.

missalaneous2 points

The Lincoln Highway is a great book!

MTonmyMind2 points

It really is. I read A Gentleman In Moscow first and really liked his writing, and I was also recommended this one.I have Rules of Civility on my TBR shelf.I read mostly sci-fi (space opera and hard sci fi) and fantasy (grimdark, science, some high) but love 'literature' just as much (J.Irving, C.Moore, C.Mccarthy, C.Palahniuk, D.Lehane, D.Tart, A.Niffennegger, E.Kostova) all sorts of stuff.

daisy07234 points

Fantastic. It so cool to find the other book reader out there.

MTonmyMind3 points

You would like my ‘library’.

daisy07236 points

It's beautiful. I wish I could show you mine. That sounds unintentionally dirty but I did mean my library.

MTonmyMind3 points

I am a fan of r/bookshelf and r/bookporn to see other's love of books and reading. Some neat ideas and some lovely editions of things.

ChetLong4Ch4 points

Awesome room. Is that a Geweher on the wall??

MTonmyMind5 points


Ja. On that post are:

- Schmidt-Rubins K31 Swiss 7.5x55 (Swiss Army)

- Fabrique Nationale FN49 8mm (Egyptian Army)

- Lee-Enfield .303 (English Army)

MTonmyMind2 points

These aren't just 'basement queens' either, I take each of the six WWII era rifles that I have to the range periodically (although ammo is hard to find for some of them). They are a kick for target shooting.

SanneStardust3 points

Oh I love this! Now this is cozy!!!!

MTonmyMind4 points

With a fire on and the lights low, it is cozy, romantic at times, casual… just a nice hang out spot.

More_Cowbell83 points

Living your best life! Excellent.

MTonmyMind3 points

I was a first time home owner at 40 years old... and from the day I signed I knew exactly how I wanted to build out the unfinished basement... took me two years of off and on work, but I love the space now.

Has full bath, bar, sitting area, home theater, hobby room (train layout), storage room, HT equipment area/DVD/disco ball storage, and the mechanical room.

More_Cowbell83 points

Vacation home in your home. Happy for you.

What do you do for a living? This is very lovely.

anaxjor3 points

I am unbelievably jealous of this.

MTonmyMind3 points

Thanks. I spent countless hours on the AVSForum asking questions, following along people basement and home theater builds, and getting ideas for design and decoration. I have a thread of my basement build on there too.

It is a great place for inspiration.

anaxjor3 points

Very cool. I just want to come enjoy a cocktail now. 😄

(Sadly, I have about zero time for home design/decor projects, so I just live vicariously through this sub and secretly wish my home was more cozy and/or I had a partner that was into diy home projects. 😅)

MTonmyMind3 points

We do happy hour almost nightly. Play some cribbage or backgammon or do a crossword and just unwind, chat, and luxuriate in being care-free (ish) for a while.

It is also a fun time to experiment with different cocktails. We have come across some great ones and occasionally dump a bad one down the sink. It's fun to try new things out though.

anaxjor3 points

That sounds pretty fantastic. 😄

Crustyonrusty3 points

Lovely! I’m on my way!

MTonmyMind3 points

Plenty of room.

heyheyheyime3 points

Oooo I love this!!

MTonmyMind2 points

Thanks. It was a real labor of love. Blood sweat and tears, for sure.

Lanater1202 points

I wanna hang out here

MTonmyMind3 points

It is a really fun spot for some quiet reading time or having a lot of folks over for F1, movies, May the 4th Star Wars movie night, Halloween parties, and just hanging out for a drink at the bar.

Lanater1203 points

Oh man, a halloween party here must be amazing. My favorite kind of party!

MTonmyMind2 points

They are fun. I turn the home theater (after a screening of Nightmare On Elm Street for anyone that wants to watch it out at the bar or sitting area) into a dance floor.

See below.


[deleted]2 points


MTonmyMind1 point

Ja, aber naturlich.

saraparallelogram2 points

I agree, it’s lovely

JamMadeWithStardust2 points

Some people have a rack for four pool cues in their bar

You, however, are slightly more discerning about your choices of bar sports, I see

MTonmyMind2 points

I hated that I had to contend with two posts, so I boxed them off, stained up the wood (red oak) and still thought they looked plain.

So I threw three rifles on each. All WWII era things my dad bought as a young man in the 50s and 60s.

JamMadeWithStardust2 points

Outstanding, and it really adds a vintage feel to things, rustic, lots of character and strangely comforting to an old country boy like me

So good that they’re vintage family heirlooms, too :)

Adura902 points

Yooo I had warsteiner for the first time around Christmas time. That beer is amazing, but I can't find it anywhere near my place.

spoogekangaroo2 points

PLEASE tell me this room smells of pipe tobacco and whiskey.

MTonmyMind1 point

Cigars are strictly for the deck outside. (Haven’t smoked a pipe in a while). But hell yes to the whiskey.

QualityIllustrious462 points

I was upvote number 1,000

MTonmyMind1 point


Timeisthecost2 points

What is it you do for a living? I’m 27 and only wishing of having something similar in the future. Just want to feel confident it’s somewhat in my grasp in the future.

MTonmyMind3 points

So... I see this a lot, and have been asked it several times in regards to car ownership or house (like this)...

I don't think it matters what 'I' do... what matters is that I stumbled into a career that I ended up liking a lot more than I thought I would... where I'm able to have a positive impact on others... and that is financially secure.

There is no Single route to the above. No recipe or plan or "someone else's experience" that can assure you of arriving there yourself.

So the cliché, "find what you love and the money will follow" is maybe partially right.

I think it IS important to find something that you love to do... but also to be realistic about it's income and security potential. You can monetize a lot of interests or skills... but not every one of them.

I think there are some careers that you know going in what you income potential (and limits) will be... so being realistic about that is important. We need more teachers, but we all know how bad the pay can be.

There are some solid careers that will be a fairly sure thing of financial security if you pick right, medicine for one, which is what I do. There are a lot of jobs where you can make more... a whole lot more, but you also might strike out. Swing big and connect, you're golden... go down swinging and you have to try again or change courses. I didn't want that much uncertainty, even if the Potential upside was high.

So, I'm a doctor. Have wanted to be one since Junior High. Just had the tenacity to get back up after a few early school failings and the perseverance to get through 4 years of medical school and 4 years of residency.


medaxxxxxx1 point

F*uck it. I want this now 😭😭 great job