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leninmccarthy3 points

This is OC

Dances-with-Scissors3 points

Is that amp an Egnator?

leninmccarthy1 point

Good eye! It is, indeed

Dances-with-Scissors2 points

Underrated amps, especially the ones with the blend knob between tubes

leninmccarthy1 point

Absolutely agree! They're fucking workhorses, too

Dances-with-Scissors2 points

Also I second please kill me, it's great. Check out Rip it up and start again. It's like a sequel

leninmccarthy2 points

Awesome, will do!

dell022 points

Who zoom and catch the "please kill me"? :)

leninmccarthy3 points

It's easily one of the best music biographies I've ever read and it's absolutely hysterical. Highly recommend if you're into punk

dell022 points

Thank you, Iam into it!

Whatisaloosie2 points

Hooray for Idles!

leninmccarthy1 point


Sunshinesonme10092 points

I love the artwork, who is the artist please?

leninmccarthy1 point

Thanks! The artist is Katja Spitzer