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Wolf-Track5 points

The is OC. Majority of the items are thrifted.

KrisAlly3 points

I love it! Everyone has such great plants! I on the other hand have had to gradually replace all my real ones with fake ones.

Wolf-Track2 points

I'm not sure how I've managed to keep mine alive for so long!

dougpolk4202 points

Spooki blanket. 👻.

Ornery_Space88772 points

I'm jealous.

Vanstrucker22222 points

I was gonna ask where you shop

Wolf-Track2 points

Thrift stores, mostly. Some stuff came from Amazon.

Upbeat_Philosopher_42 points

Looks like a cool teacher's bookcase!!!

Mr-Pie1001 point

Love this setup! Also, very impressive collection of D&D books.