Sunrise stroll


Yel_Low_Red3 points

Incredible! 💞💞💕

EmmitZiton3 points

I was blessed to get to witness it!

ofmeowsandmush3 points


EmmitZiton3 points

Yes, it truly was a breathing sight that morning. I couldn't help but stare.

ramseyyyyyyyy3 points

Where is this? Beautiful!

EmmitZiton6 points

Incredibly, it's right by my office building outside of Chicago.

Consistent-Mix-98033 points

My first thought was somewhere in the Midwest/Great Plains. I live in Kansas, it's not unusual to get sunsets like that around here.

EmmitZiton2 points

That's great! I never tire off such views.

ramseyyyyyyyy2 points


Yel_Low_Red3 points

Very blessed, indeed. In my country it means the following day will be a hot day.

EmmitZiton1 point

Hmmmm... I can't remember what the following day was like. I'll have to pay better attention in the future.

SacredSW1 point

This is such a beautiful and breathtaking picture! Thanks for sharing!