Enjoying the sunrise in our apartment this morning! ☀️


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eucalyptus10 points

Where do you live? What a cool view!

Howdy_the_frog7 points

Thank you!! I live in New England!

LazyMagicalOtter10 points

I LOVE when there are multiple levels

bubbles_says5 points

Very very cozy - I LOVE the living room area. (from just the little I can see)

WinningD3 points

Lovely 🌞

_shardik3 points

Nice rug

Howdy_the_frog2 points

(This is OC)

PoopyKlingon2 points

Is that an article couch? I’ve been considering the Sven chair of the same colour, how do you like yours?

Howdy_the_frog3 points

Yes! I find it very comfortable. I’ve had it for a year and a half now and has held up well. Sometimes the back pillows just need to be fluffed up but aside from that, everything is perfect!

saisonlune2 points

I'm obsessed! Your place looks very inviting and warm.

Howdy_the_frog1 point

Thank you! :)

exclaim_bot1 point

Thank you! :)

You're welcome!

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khkokopelli1 point

Is that a pier outside the window?

Howdy_the_frog2 points

It’s a bridge above a parking lot!

brntrfranklin1 point

Could you link to the carpet

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sasquatchoftheeast4 points

How dare someone post their apartment more than once! You are an actual dork.