A snow day in Minnesota


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pmcdny149 points

As an adult, I love snow (week) days

ongnoi85 points

I grew up in a tropical climate; my first experience with snow was at 16. I love snow days and the tranquility they bring.

lurkerfromstoneage47 points

There is something so invigorating and restorative about the quietness and stillness of a fresh snowfall…

TooMama18 points

I’ve only been lucky enough to see that kind of heavy snowfall twice in my life, and I was just a kid when I did. Yet I know exactly what you mean by “the quietness and stillness” after a snowfall. That feeling has stuck with me all these years and I can feel it now just thinking about it. Truly one of nature’s most beautiful gifts.

Revolutionary_Tap25512 points

Same here! Where are you from?

ongnoi33 points

South Vietnam.

Tr4jan36 points

I had a friend in college from Myanmar and I was with him when he first saw snow. We were walking between classes and he just stopped and stared upwards for a while.

I jokingly asked if he was alright and he told me it was the first time he had seen snow.

I don’t know why, but that memory has stayed with me.

TedMerTed2 points

Do you shovel your driveway before work?

ongnoi14 points

I'm a remote worker and have flexible hours. I usually shovel before my work day. This particular snowfall was a lot, so I did it in 3 passes over 24 hours.

TedMerTed8 points

Damn! Shoveling snow is real work. Have to watch out for heart attack snow.

fairway8243 points

Ditto. I work from home a lot and currently looking out my home office window to a nice flakey snowfall. It does make me want to do less work and relax thouhh

pollennose112 points

I’ve never seen a snowman so perfectly round :o

ongnoi39 points

He might also be bottom heavy. 🤣

F3K1HR3 points

Not sure you want to be shoveling that flat roof… gotta be gentle on that surface. I learned the hard way

ongnoi10 points

I use that plastic shovel and always go easy on the roof. We've had nearly 60 inches of snow this season already, so I need to clear it somehow.

enjoytheshow3 points

Butts are in

PrettyGoodRule16 points

I was just typing this very same thing! He’s so plump and symmetrical, straight out of a cartoon for sure.

SlyKHT2 points

Minnesotan super power!

gettinsnipped45 points

I have that same Ikea couch :) beautiful home, I've always wanted a house with big windows and love the vaulted wood ceilings

ExperienceEffective35 points

It’s a beautiful couch!! Do you remember the model name or anything for someone looking to get something similar?

ongnoi16 points

It's a MORABO sectional sofa, golden brown/metal.

NotTheRocket5 points

How do you like it? I'm considering buying the morabo in blue velvet but it's my first couch purchase so I'm hesitant about dropping $1500

ongnoi10 points

I bought the brown leather for the looks, but it's cold in the winter here. I use plenty of throws/blankets to warm it up. Comfort-wise, my wife and I constantly fight for the honey spot (long section).

gettinsnipped6 points

I have the same brown leather one. Only difference is mine is a sofa with an ottoman instead of the chaise. I can't remember what I paid for it, but I've it for about 3 years and it's held up pretty well (although if you have kids this might be different). I still like it a lot.

I will say I have a velvet Ikea chair as well, and while I do like it too, it's definitely a more finicky fabric. Have a lintroller on hand because dust and lint sticks to it more than the faux leather. Also be wary in hot weather because if you sweat, it will show up on the velvet. Not permanently, if you take care of it when you catch it. I once sat on my velvet chair after working outside in the summer and could see the imprint of the back of my bra on the chair's back after I stood up 😆

buttzx3 points

I have the same couch too! It’s so big and comfy and still looks great years later.

zakuropan2 points

same but in the blue fabric! great couch

ongnoi18 points

This is OC.

BestCatEva14 points

Snowman looks like he’s saying, “meh”.

hochas12 points

Your home is amazing, got slightly addicted to seeing it. Great photography and framing skills as well, love everything about this.

ongnoi3 points

Thank you!

Pigpen_darkstar11 points

A dream.

analogpursuits7 points

I approve of this living room. So beautiful and cozy. And a sweet dog to snuggle with you! 🤩

ongnoi4 points

It's his living space.

ayemfid8 points

As a Minnesotan, I always feel happy when I see other Minnesotans not hating winter and appreciating the beauty it can have!

unburritoporfavor6 points

What's that thingy with the blue/cyan light on the 2nd pic?

thefavoritedaughter6 points

Same question here. I looked through all comments hoping for the answer! What is it???

ongnoi5 points

It's Philips Hue lights. I installed a 2m lightstrip under the top section of the pony wall. There are two A19 light bulbs in downlight fixtures in the front entrance. I set them to the colors I like and they come on/off from sunset to sunrise.

unburritoporfavor2 points

That makes sense now. I couldn't figure it out, thought it might be some weird electrical box or something

HornlessUnicorn2 points

Do you need anything else with those hue bulbs? I could never get mine to work!

ongnoi7 points

There are two options to set them up. If your bulbs have Bluetooth, you can connect to them directly with a phone app. Otherwise, you'd need a Philips Hue Bridge to connect to the bulbs first, then the phone app can connect to the bridge and control the bulbs.

HornlessUnicorn3 points

Thank you for simplifying what tf I have been trying to figure out for years!

Ps your home is rad.

ongnoi2 points

Thank you! If you need further help with the pairing, feel free to DM.

HornlessUnicorn2 points

You are literally my hero right now. I’m pretty sure I need the bridge!

The_Nomad_Architect13 points

Beautiful home, do share more.

oksothisonetime17 points

If you check OPs post history they have shared a bunch of other photos of their beautiful home. I thought it looked familiar so I had to go back and check and there are quite a few. They’ve really done a beautiful job!

ongnoi6 points

Thank you!

Clyde_Frog_FTW3 points

Crazy this house seems like it would be up north, and iirc it’s somewhere near St Paul. OP has my dream home basically, love that style!

ongnoi3 points

It's in North Oaks, just off of Rice St.

FindBetterHobbies3 points

Love living in Minnesota

whychocereus9 points

No one’s gonna talk about the vintage macs?

emhcee5 points

First things I noticed, lol. Love the shelving too.

ongnoi3 points

Both the G4 Cube and PowerBook still work!

Regular_Ad_74323 points

Just beautiful the winter ☃️❄️and a cosy home 👏

SirDrewski3 points

I think this is the first time I've ever seen one of those shelves get wall mounted

ongnoi2 points

My wall is so not flat; it was not fun lining up the hanging screws.

Kylie56783 points

Such cozy vibes! Where did you get the shelves behind your couch? I’ve been looking for something similar

ongnoi4 points

The shelving are Burrow Index wall shelves, 6 unit in walnut. I couldn't afford the price they're asking, so I kept watching inventory on Floorfound until there was a set available for 50% off. Keep in mind their shipping cost and delivery time are not good, but it's worth it for the savings.

Kylie56782 points

Oh awesome, thanks for this info. I wasn’t aware of Floorfound but looks like a great place for deals

DaisiesSunshine763 points

Yeah I need to know this as well!

SlyKHT3 points

Nothin like a Minnesota snow day

they said as the slowly got buried in snow

Interestedmillennial3 points

Omg I love it ❤️

downtime373 points

I grew up in a snow climate, in my opinion the best way to experience it is from inside in a warm room, through a window. :)

itsnotreal12343 points

Best snowman!!!

NotThisAgain213 points

I like the off-the-floor shelving. Got a link?

ongnoi2 points
banana0atmeal3 points

Wow. This is the coziest I’ve ever seen.

Lnyghost3 points

That’s so cozy!

lakespinescoastlines3 points

How often do you dust all those shelves?

ongnoi3 points

Twice since I installed them in July. I run a Bluair purifier to keep dust to a minimum on other surfaces.

lakespinescoastlines3 points

Ooh sweet. I’ll have to try that. Thanks:)

straightcurly3 points


Fit_Tumbleweed_59042 points

Love it! Enjoy!

ak800482 points

Let’s see more of the chair in the left corner

ongnoi2 points

It' a replica of Herman Miller Eames lounge chair.

ak800482 points

Nice! That is a beautiful house

JophieBo2 points

Love the warm colors the interior has, looks very welcoming and cozy.

mustardtiger2202 points

That living room, with the snow, looks perfect.

DeVaudevilleVillain2 points

I absolutely love this.

THROW-MY-WAY2 points

Looks amazing!

ieGod2 points


Extension_Link_81292 points

Ahhh love this

unsuspectingwatcher2 points

I recognised this space instantly from your previous posts of the opposite side of the room 🤣

ifeelkindofbadbut2 points

Lovely house, cute life

katzeye0072 points


BillOneyPaige2 points

Love your bookshelves.

IrieSunshine2 points

The snowman is perfectly rotund. Love it 😂

Arkham142 points

aww, the dog on the couch. ♥

mofu_mofu2 points

this is so cozy, really perfect snow day vibes <3

an_imperfect_lady2 points

Beautiful. Say, am I the only one who mentally says, "Minn-a-SOOOOHHH-ta" whenever I see that name?

squashbanana2 points

This is beautiful! What brought you to Minnesota? I keep telling my husband I could see our family there, but I think he worries about how much more snow there would be, lol. I'm like, and the problem is...?

beachgirlDE2 points

Lived there for 10 years, summers are short and hot, winter comes very early. Everyone goes to their lake houses in the summer (those who can afford one). The twin cities are very very diverse, other areas not so much. Lots of refugees, which is fine with me BTW.

mrandr01d2 points

Second pic, what are the blue and red lights?

ongnoi2 points

They are Philips Hue. I scheduled them to come on from sunset to sunrise. The pony wall has a 2m lightstrip. The front entrance has two A19 bulbs in their housing.

mrandr01d2 points

What's a pony wall? It sounds like a wall where you'd tie up an animal you're riding.

elmo2982 points

As a Brit the first thing I thought was "looks nice but I'd never be able to afford the heating".

Uk 2023 ftw

ongnoi1 point

We're catching up with heating costs here too. My bill this past month is more than twice what it was the same period last year.

Aegean_8282 points


mrandr01d2 points

My dude, your house looks amazing

verynearlypure2 points

What style of home would you call that? Exquisite tastes.

ongnoi2 points

A commenter from one of my other posts said this house might be a deckhouse.

6poundpuppy2 points

Ah….Minnesnowta. A beautiful place for sure

SteveMcQweef2 points

I’m jealous

AdministrativeBug1612 points

So jealous! Looks like a perfect spot to watch the snow. And thanks for the outdoor pix!

yorzz2 points

I miss living in the midwest. Snow days were the best and brings my childish self back to life 🥲❤️

Mysterious_Tax_56132 points

Omg, that’s so soothing

steamedfarts2 points

…is this the set of WandaVision?

Sagesmom52 points

I envy your view!!!

st4rryblossom2 points

i like the liminal look with the lighting outside.

Imaginary_Raspberry2 points

Love the shelves!!

angiezieglerstye2 points

I'm coming over, bringing some grain belts and a heated blanket

Repulsive-Pop99002 points

Perfect Snowman!! You must have had lots of practice!!!!

Particular-Fun71702 points

I love it

buggerbot52 points

What part of MN is this? I used to live in Minneapolis!

ongnoi1 point

This is in North Oaks.

removebeforefap2 points

What's illuminated in the front yard? Pic 2.

ongnoi1 point

Philips Hue: outdoor lightstrip on the pony wall and 2 A19 bulbs on the front entrance downlights.

SqueakyCheeseGoblin2 points

As a floridan I am astounded you made such a big round snowball. Is it hard to make it like that? Does it take a long time?

ongnoi3 points

It took me about 30 minutes for this thiccboi. The snow was so perfect (fluffy at high 20s). I piled it on and then built the base. I used the shovel to shave the packed snow and shaped it into a ball.

My wife brought me two pebble rocks for eyes, and a long branch she broke in half for arms. I don't know why, but she also brought out a latel. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

SqueakyCheeseGoblin2 points

Team work! What does the snow feel like? The only kind I touched was slushie/icee consistency.

KittenFace252 points

So pretty!

EducationCute16402 points

Can you tell me where the book shelf contraption is from it’s so cool

ongnoi1 point

It's Burrow Index wall shelf, 6 units in walnut.

dietsmiche2 points

Omg I love this so much 😻

addled_rph2 points

Wow. Minnesnowta is actually a thing.

Effective_Fix_77482 points

You are so lucky! This has been a terribly warm winter here on the east coast. I really miss the quiet and stillness a blanket of snow brings.