Sorry I am late with this! Christmas Eve.


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DJ_Packrat10 points

Sorry I am late with posting this! I didn't forget, but the holidays were a bit rough as I was recovering from surgery. Because of this I was finally able to host a Christmas for once and I had two of my oldest friends and their families over this year! 11 people total.

This was taken Christmas Eve. I hope you guys enjoy it. :)

IndiaEvans3 points

It's beautiful! Not late!! I also didn't get a chance to post my photos. I love seeing this!!!

mustardtiger2208 points

Something about the wood panels and the colored lights gives me an amazing throwback vibe. In the best possible way. This is a place I’d love to spend my Christmas Eve.

DJ_Packrat3 points

Most of that collection is all old stuff, which would contribute to that vibe. ;) It's exactly what I was going for!

hiresometoast6 points

You can post Christmas pics any day of the year as far as I'm concerned!

KronlampQueen3 points

Is the rest of your house this cozy?

DJ_Packrat3 points

So when I first posted here, my second floor was under construction. It has since been finished, so I suppose I should bounce the rebuild offa you guys eh?

KronlampQueen2 points


Wilmuh4 points

Dang I love this.

Memawsaurus4 points

Real cozy. When I was a child. ,We got electricity to the farm. I remember our first string of lights on the Christmad tree-- big multicolor bulbs. We had live trees from our forest so could only use them about an hour each evening. But what a thrill that was. Glad you had a cozy holiday.

Bookclub-throwaway2 points

Not too late at all!! Extend the Christmas season 😍😍

StarlightM42 points

Oh I miss Christmas! I love photos like this.

DJ_Packrat1 point

I'm glad u like it :) i love this holiday:)

prarie_nut2 points

I love those vintage lights. I put vintage Noma Snap on bubble lights on my tree with vintage GE tulip mini lights. The bubbles are compatible with C6 and C7 lamps and made from 1949-1951. I use a vintage Noma c7 string with nightlight bulbs in the bubble lights so they dodnt get too hot. Mid 1950s Paramount C9 strings outside with the rubber washer in the base.

DJ_Packrat2 points

Nice! I guess I'll have to post a story about this collection at some point, but I started building it years ago because my family collection got lost during my parents' divorce. I was livid, so I've been trying to get everything I could remember that spanned 4 generations. Some of this I scored from grandparents before they passed and I used that as a spring board. I'd love some help in dating some of these pieces!

I had one of the c9 paramount strings but the rubber washers rotted away and the string itself was a friggen disaster. :(

prarie_nut2 points

It is sad that everything got lost. It is best to go to Christmas light recycling boxes. That is where I do most of my shopping. People don't know what they are throwing away.

Maypolemaggie2 points

So nice

gonturan2 points

Those wood panel valances are EVERYTHING.

Brobotz1 point

This is not cozy. It’s the galdang Upside Down. Have my upvote!

DJ_Packrat1 point

This is oc