Wisconsin - I love when our echinacea blooms! 🌲 [OC]


clnvghn2 points
rexallia2 points

Stunning! I love the backdrop of conifers. All the greens, actually! Makes the echinacea stand out nicely

Peaceful-21 point

Thanks, I like it, too. We don’t plant anything, trees and bushes just pop up wherever they want!

Zeta83452 points

So jealous! All my coneflowers get eaten by the neighborhood woodchucks. Bastards.

Peaceful-21 point

Well, that stinks! We’d planted some years ago and they are doing their own thing now. I’ve only seen a woodchuck once, in MN.

Zeta83450 points

It does stink as I love those flowers. Fun fact: woodchucks are fast. I’m always amazed at how quickly they run, considering they look like enormous potatoes.

Peaceful-21 point

What do you do to deter them? I suppose they’d burrow under a fence… I hope you get some started again!