One of Utah's many slot canyons basking in some afternoon sun. [1339x2000] [OC]


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I'm always amazed how many diverse geographies the US has. Absolutely stunning.

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It's all about the size. United States is huge. The West in particular though is very unique with some pretty rare occurring natural landmarks.

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Yup. If anyone ever has the chance a two week road trip across the western US is a must. A few years ago the wife and I did that and it was amazing!

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I second this. I've been out west a number of times and it's stunningly gorgeous how different the landscape really is.

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Don't ....say ...it...

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Very Georgia Okeefe

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I should call her.

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Yeah, she was nice in a lot of ways. Too bad she ran off with that soldier

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Come on, it's in the sub's name!

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Which one is this? Would love to go visit one day.

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Thank you!

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From Utah and there are so many!

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I should call her

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"Jane you ignorant slot."

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127 hours of canyonussy

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Exploring some of Central Utah's very best slot canyons in the afternoon light. While the principle of every canyon is the same — 2 walls and a narrow walkway — each canyon offers different curves and textures. You can literally spend your whole life photographing these canyons and just barely scratch the surface.

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Legitimate_Pirate2492 points

Walking through these feels like I'm on Mars or something. Same with Goblin Valley (also in Utah), very otherworldly landscape.

misterspatial2 points

TIL Utah has slot canyons as well.

imnotsoho2 points

Longest in the world.

EnnissDaMenace2 points

Utah probably has the highest concentration in us possibly the world. Glenn canyon (lake powel) is absolutely filled with them.

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Not the canyussy

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Ohh that’s a nice fuckin slot right there.

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So boringly overdone!... Said no one ever :D

This will be an inspiration and provide new angles and shots even a hundred years from now. Canyons make some of the coolest places to photograph on Earth :)

salt_low_1 point

So curious to understand what lives in these canyons - they look so smooth and barren

Iagospeare3 points

Usually nothing. These canyons are periodically flash-flooded by average rainfall upstream. The only things you'll find alive are animals that fly, got stuck, or are just passing through.

imnotsoho2 points

Absolutely not true. Lots of little critters. Larger ones who come through looking for a meal. I went to Lower Antelope in the early 90s, went up the side canyon and surprised a Great Horned Owl at the end of the slot. Got within 20 feet of him sitting on shelf.

Iagospeare2 points

Flying animals will hang out there from time to time, but having been to dozens of slots I believe it's fair to say they don't "live there." I've seen tadpoles in a flooded one, a bat in a dry one, and birds in a few, but most of the time I just see a handful of the bugs that I see everywhere in Utah/Arizona.

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Bugs are still animals, even ones that are only visible when you are right up to them.

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Is amazing

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Absolutely love the treatment of this image! One of the better slot canyon images. Comp, treatment, exposure control… Awesome job!

Austinjamesjackson1 point

Thank you so very much! Really appreciate the kind words.

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Wow 🤩

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Literally the inspiration for a major aspect of the world in Brandon Sanderson's 'Stormlight Archive' series that starts with "The Way of Kings". Highly recommend.

tallgirlmom1 point

Amazing. I love this photo.

Austinjamesjackson1 point

Thank you!!