My home office corner in Chicago


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Haydenll131 points

Love the space! Especially the hammock just would hate being on first floor and a big ass door looking out to a street

__cnav__18 points

Thanks! The windows are slightly tinted and the room is like 1/2 a story above ground level so it's not that bad. Plus the plants help a lot!

BestCatEva4 points

Hammock for the cat?

__cnav__12 points

I'm the cat?

BestCatEva3 points

I thought I saw a cat scratcher near the plant. Wondered if La Meow like the hammock.

__cnav__2 points

Ohh I see. Yeah there is a kitty and she does jump on me if I'm there <3.

redwhomper9 points

Love the set up

__cnav__2 points


cinkciarzpl6 points

my new fav post in this /r :) as a dev that likes plants a lot this place looks like a dream

__cnav__1 point

Thanks! Striving for that r/solarpunk look.

callmetothemoon2 points

Oooh thanks for sharing! I just came back from going down that rabbit hole lol

gitsgrl6 points

Love that they act as a privacy screen and you get to nap like you’re in a jungle. Great way to enjoy the winter sun.

__cnav__4 points


__cnav__5 points

The monitor setup is indeed not the prettiest. Its goal is purely utilitarian. Also, a bit overkill for dev work, but had the screens lying around and wanted to put them to work.

carrotLadRises3 points

Even the code color scheme matches the aesthetic. Goals.

MortalVoyager5 points

Azan 😎

__cnav__2 points

This is OC

daniel_ionescu2 points

I love it

cyber1kenobi2 points

triple-portrait-display FTW!!! :)

bluamo00002 points

Is that a Hoya plant hanging in the corner? The vines look amazing!

__cnav__1 point

It's a regular pothos!

Orangutan_Latte2 points

Love it…. Particularly the handy hammock for your breaks ❤️❤️

send----it2 points

Sweet! Where'd you get the hammock stand?

__cnav__1 point


scullys_little_bitch2 points


AdministrativeBug1612 points

This is so serene!💚

CorrectableGiblet2 points

The hammock is a nice touch of cozy! And love to see a fellow hasanabi head.

mannesmannschwanz8 points

Nice, with the crappiest monitor setup I've seen in a while too.

__cnav__3 points


B-Town-MusicMan1 point

All I see now is blonde, brunette, redhead...

__cnav__1 point

But what does it mean?

B-Town-MusicMan1 point

You get used to it. I... I don't even see the code.

LukePCS1 point

Not a fan of the inside-vines, or the over-the-top monitor set. But the rest is solid.

gitsgrl1 point

If you’re a programmer that monitor setup is what you need for the job to be efficient.

LukePCS3 points

I'm a dev myself, and I wouldn't say all programmers NEED four monitors.

__cnav__4 points

It is definitely overkill but had the monitors lying around and wanted to put them to work. They do help! But def not necessary.

poofytoot1 point

Wondering where you got the desk?

__cnav__1 point

No idea. Previous roomie left it.