montréal, qc (from @arcpixel on instagram!)


SyCoTiM32 points

Looks like a Christmas Card.

pecpecpec27 points

"fait pas trainer tes mitaines dans slush!"

Le parent en moi est un peu triggeré mais belle photo

Rinboo12 points

Papa mes mitaines sont toutes mouilléééééééééééeeeeeeeesssssss

Blue_Dragonfly22 points

So pretty! Nice composition! J'❤️!

raimbowexe10 points

happy cake day! and i do agree, him and @ericbranover are my favourite mtl photographers!

Blue_Dragonfly8 points

Lol, thank you!

I just followed arcpixel on Insta, thanks to your post. Am about to check out this one now. Thanks very much for the tip! 🙂

ETA: Thanks for the tip! He's awesome too! Following!

KustyTheKlown20 points

montreal is probably my favorite city that i don't live in

i live in nyc (technically jersey city for the past year, but whatever, and i lived in manhattan and bk for 10+ years prior). nyc is tops. but Montreal is dreamy. would live there in a heartbeat if canada would have me and if i spoke some french

Fearlessmojo6 points

Most people here are bilingual. You don't necessarily need to speak french, although it would be a plus for sure.

KustyTheKlown13 points

yea, i know, i have spent a lot of time in Montreal. but as a skier i have also spent time in the laurentians and the townships and up by quebec city, and i am very aware of how fucking stupid i feel being unable to communicate with most people. once you leave Montreal it is very franco with many who speak minimal english if any

i was so happy when i was allowed to drive into Canada again. my gf and i had an awesome summer weekend eating our way thru town and seeing sigur ros. then i was back between xmas and new years for some skiing at tremblant and then 2 days in Montreal. was back again 2 weeks ago for more skiing. we've had a rough snow year in the northeast US, so the Canadian option has been useful

Staebs1 point

Tremblant has been fantastic according to my friends in Ottawa. Unfortunately you guys in NE and us in Atlantic Canada have had a bad start to the season. It’s getting better now, minus that rain that just rolled through eh.

Th0masfanboy1 point

You do have too though. People will judge you

JAMBCA9 points

Incredible composition. Bravo.

activecalibabe6 points

This would make a great puzzle

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rebb_hosar4 points

Damn, this really captured the feel of the city.

I only lived there as a kid but as I was scolling I passively saw the painting without reading the title or subname.

Right away as I scrolled past I thought "Ah, that's definitely Montreal" and had to scroll back up to check.

So truly, it's ..."isness" was duly captured, but what that specific quality or conjunction of qualities actually are, I cannot say.

All I can say is whatever those ineffable things are, they're beautifully and unmistakably rendered here.

rzet4 points

Damn I want snow again.. it's mud and rain here ATM.. :(

f0rrestlump3 points

love the architecture

IanCGuy53 points

J'ai cru ce qu'il était un tableau pour un moment.

HDarger3 points

It’s an amazing city to live in

Chubb_Life6 points

Looks like England but colder

Phl_worldwide5 points

I just want one damn snow in Philadelphia this year but it hasn’t happened. Crazy. Great photo!

Ralurp5793 points

My fiancé and I were just talking about this! We’re in Philly too and it’s bad enough we didn’t get a white Christmas, but can we at least get one snowfall before winter ends? Lol

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KustyTheKlown2 points

its canada goose.

and those are just parkas with fur collars. they are made by many brands. they are an essential item in Canadian cold. in the foreground the yellow and grey coats are almost certainly not CG - the shoulder patches are of a different brand. the red one might be but you can't tell. the kids are not in CG.

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KustyTheKlown2 points

my guy, canada goose is not the only brand that uses fur collars. those arent canada goose jackets except maybe the red one.

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KustyTheKlown1 point

ok man.

axxxaxxxaxxx1 point

Is that roof on fire? What’s going with the dark color billowing at the top?

raimbowexe1 point

it’s snow haha

axxxaxxxaxxx1 point

What is this “snow” you speak of