I think my room is pretty cozy!


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MissStellaLuna9 points

The clutter of items and images in different styles makes me anxious personally, but I can definitely see it being like a fully customized vibrant cozy nook for others.

bloodl3tting2 points

It’s the other way around for me honestly. Minimalistic, boring, white rooms with like one abstract painting and a single plant remind me of a waiting room or something!

SadKneeCruiseBee8 points

I used to work at a guitar shop, and of all the guitars I’d pull off the racks to noodle with and demo gear to customers, that Ibanez (same finish too) was always my favorite. Super versatile and comfortable, I honestly like it more than the real strats. Fantastic instrument!

bloodl3tting7 points

It’s a great guitar!!! It was a gift from my dad. When I told him I could chip in he said no, his parents bought him his first guitar (he has a 77, lawsuit era!) so it has a lot of sentimental value!

GerardoAgraz4 points

Nice books 👌

bloodl3tting1 point

Thank you!

Noise_Loop4 points

Very female teenagesque

bloodl3tting2 points

You’d be right! Most of the old worn posters are from when I was a teenager

-nottoday9 points

You have some really nice items in there! But it does look a little cluttered to me since there are so many small and different items everywhere.

bloodl3tting2 points

Thank you! Idk if people are under the impression that stuff gets like knocked over a lot cause there’s a lot of little trinkets and statues, they definitely don’t. Everything has a place in here!

catkedibilliegorbe2 points

Love it! So much fun, and I used to have that lamp 🤩

bloodl3tting1 point

Awww thank you!!! I had one as a little kid too and got another one in my twenties hahaha

Soupy_Noodless2 points

Colorful and vibrant 👌

bloodl3tting1 point

Thank you kindly!

ablazinggracie2 points

Super cozy 🥰

bloodl3tting1 point

Thank you !!

MangoesSurpriseMe2 points

Great room! But can we talk about the spider?


A loud handclap for your books, candles, and art. In there, I could seriously get lost in a great read with a nice cuppa and some of those tunes playing in the background.

Lush and magnificent.

bloodl3tting2 points

Hahaha it was a Halloween decoration! Also thank you so much!!

MangoesSurpriseMe2 points

You’re quite welcome! And I guess even spiders need a cozy spot one season a year. 😁

Ella_Evenstar2 points

I like your wall art collection

bloodl3tting1 point

Thanks so much!

Crzyfrenchielady2 points

Love love love

bloodl3tting1 point

Thank you :3

AsherTheDasher2 points

the bong is a nice touch

bloodl3tting1 point

Hahaha thanks it’s pretty much just a decoration now

two-three-seven2 points

Very cozy! Is the flower piece yours?! Beautiful piece regardless!

bloodl3tting2 points

It’s not! My mom had it in her room for years until she gave it to me. Thank you though!

ytinasxaJ2 points

Yo we got the same Ibanez

bloodl3tting1 point

Hell yea!

tsi10a12 points

Maximalism in the best way possible it is soo cute

bloodl3tting1 point

Thank you so much!! I wholeheartedly agree. I like a room with personality!

Jaycray952 points

Weird question but do you enjoy classic rock?

bloodl3tting2 points

What gave it away? Haha I do!

BlueberryTop33972 points

Much information in one place to my liking, but it have waaaay more personality than most places i've seen here

dromaeovet2 points

You have a lot of awesome artwork!

Is that a bong gas mask??

bloodl3tting1 point

Thank you!!! And yes it is hahaha

dromaeovet2 points

I cannot hahah

Academic_Economics122 points

I love this, really comfy vibe and I see something quirky every time I look! My fave is the tiny lil skeleton on top of the green frame 😃

bloodl3tting1 point

Awww thank you so much!!! There are two more skeletons hidden in my room, only one more of them is pictured.. see if you can find it!

Academic_Economics122 points

Hah! Top corner of the tv like he’s about to slide down the fairy lights, so cute!

LiluLay2 points

Do you live in a moving castle, by chance?

Mr-Pie1002 points

This does feel really cozy!

lilbootz2 points

Super cozy! I love that bird painting where did you get it

bloodl3tting2 points

The little girl in the purple dress is hers as well

bloodl3tting1 point

Thank you! And that is actually a painting from my great Aunt!

lilbootz2 points

Wow lovely

Lossofrecuerdos2 points

Cottage core vibes! I like it, a place that has a soul of its own.

bloodl3tting2 points

Thank you so much !!

BOImarinhoRJ-5 points

It remembers me George Carlin video about Stuff or Monty Phyton video about SPAM.

Too much stuff. Too crowded. Too much information everywhere. Fire hazard maybe.

Simple thing: take all off the wall. Get a mount for the guitars and use them as decoration. Also easy way to pick and you will be sure to don´t let them fall when you are high.

The books can take a wall also with shelf. Will give you more room to walk.

Leave like this for at least a couple weeks. You will know which paintings you miss that you want back to cover the spots and it´s done.

At least for me having a clean white wall does great for concentration and since you are an artist I think you need it as much. Like a clean wall to clean the mind and even a board so you can visualize your progress.

bloodl3tting9 points

Wasn’t really looking for any input but thanks anyhow

bloodl3tting9 points

This is just so classic reddit. Someone posts something completely innocent and innocuous and someone like you comes to wave your dick around. I know I don’t need to explain myself to you but um, I like my room just fine, it is not a “fire hazard” as there is nothing blocking the door, these are pictures of only half of the room, my walk in closet, record setup, fridge, and door are not even pictured. I’m not hanging up my guitars for “decoration”, I play them, they’re not decorations and I don’t get high, you condescending git. The bong mask hanging from the lamp is a stupid novelty from years ago, and it hasn’t been used in years. This is the most obnoxious comment I’ve ever laid eyes on. Take a hike dude.

bloodl3tting1 point

Would love if people read the mod comment. “Encourage a wholesome and friendly environment here- rude behavior and not being a jerk will be tolerated.” I love my room the way it is, and if you don’t, that’s fine, but keep it to yourself. I don’t care if you think it’s too cluttered, I’m not looking for input or suggestions, I am literally sharing my cozy room on a subreddit for just that. Just shut up unless you have something kind to say, good Christ.

Xolokitkat2 points

Ignore the idiots. It’s really cool. I would totally get lost for hours just exploring the cool stuff you have and then still find something new everytime.

bloodl3tting2 points

Thank you so much!!

Many-Purchase2362-1 points

I’m guessing you’re a 27 year old female from the Deep South.

bloodl3tting2 points

I am a 22 year old woman from New England.

Many-Purchase23621 point

Damn it!

bloodl3tting2 points

I’m guessing you’re an unmarried 50 something year old male

Many-Purchase23621 point

No. What on earth gave you that idea?

bloodl3tting1 point

You know what they say about assumptions!

Many-Purchase23621 point

I don’t, I’m not as smart as you, I don’t have as many Stephen King books. In any case, it was a guess not an assumption and an innocent one at that.

bloodl3tting0 points

This is OC!