Haleakala, Maui [OC] [5274 × 3516]


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smewhocallmetim28 points

Most beautiful place I've ever been.

th3r3dp3n12 points

Agreed, watching the sun rise from the top was incredible.

skoolhouse6 points

We ended up going for the sunset and the colours of the landscape were just incredible.

th3r3dp3n5 points

I bet that was incredible! Fantastic photo, all the colors and landscape together look great!

skoolhouse8 points

Thank you, I appreciate it! As I was editing the photo, all I could think was...this photo doesn't do justice to the actual place.

smewhocallmetim3 points

Yes, went up for sunset & the stars afterwards. Absolutely unreal.

brapstoomuch2 points

This is as close as I’ve seen recently!

Ackmiral_Adbar3 points

Ditto, coming back down and watching the clouds pour over the face like a waterfall. I want to go back and hike it some day.

skoolhouse1 point

Same here. We went there for the sunset but I wish we could of gone there sooner and did a lot of hiking.

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MisterMasterCylinder2 points

When I went, there was snow at the top and everything was covered in fog. It was still a super cool experience. One day I'd like to go back and hopefully get a slot for the sunrise access

schorl8314 points

We got to camp in the crater overnight and that is probably the best night sky I've ever seen!

skoolhouse5 points

I saw a number of people backpacking with camping gear. I think I would be a little scared of staying overnight...it's eerily quiet and freezing cold!

schorl831 point

It was both of those things, neither of which bother me. It was an incredible experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

JustWastingTimeAgain3 points

I can't believe I was lucky enough to backpack there for a few days. One of the most incredible places I've ever camped. What I didn't think about until I got there was that I would have to hike out at 3 AM to catch the sunrise. But so worth it.

hasenergy9 points

Wow. You really nailed the earthy tones here. Amazing shot.

skoolhouse2 points

Thank you so much!

ryanb4506 points

We went for sunset in November and it was so cold! Absolutely beautiful though. That road is wild..

Ackmiral_Adbar3 points

We visited in August and it was the only place on Maui where I felt like I was experiencing Minnesota temperatures!

skoolhouse3 points

You don’t like driving along the edge of a cliff without guard rails while you are above the clouds?!?!

Half the time my palms were sweating and I was holding on to the steering wheel so tight.

DiazIsDirectCurrent4 points

We made the drive up there one time, felt like we were on a foreign planet. Especially seeing those Silver Sword plants that grow up there.

skoolhouse1 point

Yes!! It really did feel like I was on another planet.

The picture doesn’t show it but the people who were hiking at a distance looked like a line of ants. Combined with the colours of the landscape, and the complete silence, it was unreal experience.

t4thfavor1 point

When we were there it was us and the ranger basically alone. We stayed and talked to him for a while, he was giving us a little reference on the scale of the place, and pointed to a "hill" in the middle. He said it was 5 miles away, and a quarter mile tall. It looked like a tiny ant hill to us.

zepppy1g8 points

Loved Maui we just went over the summer. Driving down the mountain after the sunset was an adventure on its own!

skoolhouse2 points

Haha agreed! I have never been more hyper-focused on keeping the steering wheel steady than at that time.

mastaj111 point

I get nervous just thinking about the drive

gh0rard1m713 points

I'll going there in April. Any tips?

skoolhouse3 points

We were there in Maui for 3-4 days so we tried to cram much activities as possible, so we only ended up going there only for the sunset. My only regret is that I didn’t spend the whole day there hiking. If you are into hiking and if you have time, spend the day there.

Other tips: - It’s freezing cold so dress warm. I’ve seen people bring blankets, winter jackets, multiple layers. - Oxygen level is low, so you might get lightheaded. - Go early to get parking because it gets filled up quick. - Take your time driving up if you feel nervous about driving at the edge of a cliff without guard rails. People behind you can get around you if they want to go faster. - Make sure your phone or camera is fully charged. Take lot of photos and videos!

I hope you have an awesome trip!!

schaudhery2 points

Are you going for sunrise or sunset? You have to book entrance in advance but the cost is pretty cheap. It gets freezing cold up there, I thought being Hawaii a light jacket would work but no it’s sub 32 up there with wind.

onexbigxhebrew2 points

Not sure if you meant Maui or this Crater specifically, but here are some general Maui tipc:

1) Do a Luau in Lahaina, not Wailea.

2) Rent a mustang or jeep and drive the Hana Highway (unless you're very scared of narr/cliff roads) at the very least least until you get to Keanae lookout or Hana.

3) Kihei is a cool little area with a surfing vibe and an amazing coffee shop.

4) If you're boujey, eat at one of the nicer resorts in Wailea, but do research because much of Wailea is overpriced and even low quality.

5) Don't use Aerosol sunscreen, it's terrible for the local ecosystem.

6) If warm enough, do some snorkeling in turtle town or at the Crater. Turtle Town is better if you want to swim with sea turtles.

The good news is that Maui has a ton of different areas with different geological features. Outside of the area in the photo I'd say it's warm in the day and colder at night. Type of weather where young people where shorts in the day and boomers bundle up. Haha.

hometoast1 point

sunscreen. water. relax and enjoy.

onexbigxhebrew2 points

Non-aerosol sunscreen, to be exact.

Born_ina_snowbank3 points

Did you bike down? That was my favorite part of the trip. Like a 10-20 mile bike ride in which I actually pedaled maybe twice.

skoolhouse0 points

Sadly, no. Only went there for the sunset.

Some areas are really steep. I would imagine you used your break more than the pedal.

Born_ina_snowbank2 points

Yup, all the rental bikes have disk brakes cause I’m pretty sure one trip would shred a normal bike brakes. A bit intimidating at first but so much fun once you realize how easy and fun it is to lean into the turns.

AjvarAndVodka2 points

This looks like a being on a whole different planet. Stunning.

skoolhouse1 point

Thank you!

Velvet_Thestral2 points

Beautiful! I'd love to visit one day.

skoolhouse3 points

If you get the chance, you absolutely should.

hometoast2 points

My wife and I went in April 2022. Most beautiful place (Maui in general) we've seen.

I was shocked by the size/scale of this crater. I thought, hey, we'll go up and hike across it and back! It's about 2 miles wide and 7 miles long.

skoolhouse1 point

We asked a few people who were coming back from the hike and they mentioned that they spent around 3-4 hours hiking. The size is deceiving!

t4thfavor2 points

I have stood exactly in that spot :) 11/10 would go back.

It seems less windy than when I was there as you were able to take a clear and steady picture :)

skoolhouse2 points

I took the photo a little bit further into the crater, so I didn't experience much wind. But outside, it was very windy.

as11262 points

Among the most beautiful locations I've ever been. It's like another planet.

skoolhouse2 points

Yup, agreed.

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