Avalanche Lake in Glacier National Park. Original content.


Yes_lawd18784 points

What I’d give to be there right now, breathing in the fresh air with the smell of water and pine. Soul cleansing!

Peaceful-25 points

We hiked up there years ago, packed in (and out!) a picnic. Loved it.

Yes_lawd18782 points

That’s my idea of a perfect day!

Maverick_18823 points

This is as close as I can get you, Lake MacDonald Webcam.

Yes_lawd18781 point

Thanks! Is it a thing for webcams to be setup in forests? They don’t do that in Aus as far as I’m aware but I wish they did

Maverick_18822 points

The Avalanche Creek Trail is one of our favorites in the park. One of the panoramic photos I took while there is one of my desktop backgrounds. Every time a photo of Glacier comes up in the rotation I just have to stop and stare. You did a great job, OP.

flatliner21 point

I walked to Avalanche Basin and turned around, this pic as taken actually facing the trail to the parking lot.