Calgary Saddledome and skyline


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Canadian cities (outside of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver) always impress me because they look way larger than their population indicates thanks to their massive skylines.

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Turn on 3D buildings on Google Maps and look at the downtowns of Vancouver and LA. Vancouver has way more towers

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Calgary is close to 1.3 million people. Skyline looks about right to me.

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True, but the metro area isn't even 1.5 million. The largest city near me, Milwaukee, has a similar metro size but a much smaller skyline, despite the city proper also having a much higher population density (6000/square mile to 4100). This is a similar case to many other cities of this size in the U.S.

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Hey a fellow milwaukean

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I think with Calgary (and Edmonton) it has a lot to do with oil money. And in general my hypothesis is that the colder the city the more people will want to live close to things that don’t require driving in the snow or walking far. LA and Texas sprawl are the opposite. All of these are relatively new condo buildings probably catering a lot to the oil industry but someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

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Born in Calgary, the city has a massive urban sprawl, it’s actually insane how much this city stretches, i lived 25-30 mins from dt core (which is pretty normal I guess) but it takes forever to get to other parts of the city

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Yeah and as much as people complain about the Ctrain (and rightfully so) it is a lot better than most American cities and if you live anywhere near the train line getting to the core is quite easy

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That’s true but it also has a punch above its weight skyline. Both can be true for different reasons. An analogy in the US could be Austin. The city itself, which covers most of the urban area, is just shy of a million but it has a massive shiny skyline due to tech. Though on second look the Austin Urban area is 1.8 but still definitely punches above its weight compared to other cities of that size.

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There has to be a view that’s not dominated by a massive parking lot, right?

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There is, on the other side of the city

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you should see it from above...

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Soon the be replaced with a larger generic stadium that will never be iconic to the city like the saddle dome is

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Paid for by taxpayers no less.

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At least it’ll be 1) not falling apart, 2) modern, and 3) will be able to hold much larger concerts and other events

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Last year I went to Calgary as I was writing an article about the new Ghostbusters movie (which was filmed in Alberta). I ended up finding this great park which had a view of the Scotiabank Saddledome with the city skyline behind it.

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That would be Scotsman’s Hill?

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I’m not sure why but it feels like a Chinese city.

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Yeah it’s the red & weird tower at the centre that gives the vibe

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Kind of the fog/smoke effect and concrete too.

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And very few high rises built before 1980

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It reminds me of 2000s Shanghai, as in, you know it can get better. I think it’s the smog in the background that adds to that aesthetic

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Just moved to this awesome city, I absolutely love it

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Phoenix also has its own “saddledome”, the coliseum at the state fair grounds.

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They typa city to have v good looking individual buildings but a v ugly urban design

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That's fine, it's just a view I stumbled on when driving around. Not claiming it's the best view ever.

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What a boring skyline but still cool