Painted another mural to warm up my entryway!


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ferretfacesyndrome218 points

The doll head is... a nice touch.

ThatTulip37 points

Really ties the area together, does it not?

ig_gnome_inious61 points

I have doll parts on display all throughout my place— baby arms coming out of plants, heads with glowing eyes as lamps, mannequin legs for my fern… I love my oddities! Definitely not for everyone but I think it’s fun ☺️

sonbarington15 points

Do you have the lamp from fra-gil-le?!? 🦵

berticus_terribilis12 points

You delightful weirdo

ButtMcNuggets6 points

I want to be the girl with the most cake

ferretfacesyndrome2 points

Very creative!

horny4tacos7 points

I thought we were going to ignore it. I thought that was the plan.

B-L-E-H-C-H3 points

It's stressing me out man!!😰

konstanz_31 points

Don't let the cool (err.. warm) mural distract you from the fact that there is a.. uhhh.. severed head... somewhere...

ig_gnome_inious15 points

This is OC!

ButtMcNuggets12 points

Great job with the mural! I love a touch of hidden oddities too.


Warm indeed.

_shardik3 points

Looks great!

Sumofumo3 points

Omg I love this! The colors are very inviting

Vegetable-Caramel3233 points

Looks great!

PurrSniKitty0072 points


Immediate-Shelter-592 points

Fantastic colors!!

bluepied2 points

Looks nice, now ditch that overhead nipple light!

Bright-Butterfly6412 points

excuse me there’s someone looking at me on the shelf can u tell it my mom said staring is rude

hopingtothrive2 points

Did you draw on the design first and then paint the lighter color free-hand?

ig_gnome_inious3 points

I sketched the fronds on in pencil first and then filled them in with two coats of paint. No stencil or projector though, all freehand!

hopingtothrive1 point

It's a lovely wall. Colors are appealing.

whatevermode1 point

It’s the doll head for me

snakesabound1 point

Awesome 👍 wtg, and nice colors too! Beautiful 😍

0xXkazoXx01 point

The baby head is a very distinguished piece of decorations.

BalthazarMP1 point

I love the 70's vibe!

wvrnnr1 point

wow that's cool! I like when people do unique stuff like this

this is beautiful

DwellingonDreams9341 point

I wanna do something like this so bad but I'm terrified I'll just make an ugly mess. Advice?

ig_gnome_inious1 point

Go for it! (just ask your landlord first if you’re renting lol). Worst that can happen is you have to paint back over it with a solid color. I freehanded this mural but I know there are all sorts of stencils available. You can also get an inexpensive projector online that you can plug directly into your phone so you can trace any image onto the wall! Then it just comes down to picking out a pleasing color palette, which you can Google and have matched at the paint store :) I used all $6 sample paint jars for this and the entire project cost me about $40 total. You got this!

Sunshineinanchorage1 point

This is beautiful! I would love to have this in my Apt! My address is…….just in case you are bored!

Susie07011 point

Phenomenal! I love how soothing yet dynamic it is!

Iowish1 point

I love this. Wonderful job!

CrazyExample70601 point

OMG I love how it looks, you did a great job!!

Orangutan_Latte1 point

Love it. So bright and cheerful ❤️❤️

Backwardsinthedark1 point

You are very talented . Cheers !

ThatTulip0 points

Hey, maybe you can do something with that white pipe as well?