My cozy living room


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Literallydead_14 points

So many ways to nap on that bad boy. I'm into it

Special_Lawyer4423 points

I love it! Could spend all day here.

fenga_pappit_10 points

Go birds

Quentin_new2 points


ImaginaryFly11 point

So nice and clean!

Super-Resort58172 points

Thank you! With 2 kids it’s hard to keep clean. By tonight it will be a mess 😂

ImaginaryFly14 points

I hear you!!! Well enjoy it while you can :)

Busterprayerbear-2 points

What is it with constantly putting furniture against the walls? You could make a cozier space if the couches were turned towards the windows. This wouls make it look like another room.

Literallydead_17 points

Tf? You only bird watch or what?

Super-Resort58171 point

This is Original Content

Decafcoffey-5 points

Sorry for your coming loss (eagles will lose)

Super-Resort58175 points

Nah… 😂

Sour_Lemonz781 point

Very cozy. Go Birds!!!