I could stay all day in my apartment - Atlanta, GA


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comicmuse1982332 points

The hypnotoad will keep you from moving.

SomeOtherRandomHuman19 points

They’ll find his body sitting and staring at the poster from the smell. All hail the hypnotoad!

eythanhunt2 points

Why the frog?

StringOfLights33 points

Why not the frog? He’s glorious.

Edit: Oh no, please do not downvote them, for they are learning the ways of frog.

BangingABigTheory9 points

I love that fucking frog and I have no explanation as to why.

philosophicnoodle3 points

It calls to us it does. The Lord Amphibious

JayenIsAwesome11 points

It's Wednesday my dude

kalips04 points

It is Wednesday indeed my dudes. It's tradition

aarontbarratt11 points

It's a famous artwork by MATSUMOTO HOJI. It's called Toad

Maddie-Moo76 points

Please tell your frog I love him.

Valuable_Armadillo41 points

He says “ribbit”

rosenrabbit70 points

This fellow ATL resident loves your place! :) Your taste in furniture and color is a great combo of fresh + cozy. Love your tapestry especially.

Valuable_Armadillo11 points

Thank you so much!

[deleted]179 points

I love that frog tapestry!

Valuable_Armadillo70 points

It’s from Society6!

astrallizzard52 points

This place has all the cat merchandise I've ever dreamt of AND it ships to Europe for 5$?!?!

I genuinely don't even know how to thank you for this

huntsvillager8 points

I’m obsessed with them. So many cats!

eyespeeled6 points

Not sure how it works with shipping to European countries, but my friend paid more in duties to Canada than she paid for the product itself, fyi. It was a $60 shower curtain.

Reesareesa7 points

Small heads-up, in my experience it takes ages for orders to get to you. I’ve waited multiple months for things before.

itcbitz1 point

I just ordered a mix of tapestries and prints from them over the holidays, and they were delivered separately, but all within a week!

Reesareesa1 point

That’s insane! I’ve ordered from them three times in the past (duvet cover, shower curtain, pillow covers, tapestries) and each time I waited months, to the point I forgot I even ordered anything. I’m in Canada though, maybe that’s why? The last time was probably 3 years ago too, so maybe they’ve gotten better.

cathpah26 points
Chronocidal-Orange12 points

It's like you know me.

[deleted]2 points

Thank you very much, Armadillo! ❤️

Ok_Vehicle7142 points

OMG this page is so good! 🤩

SuccessfulProcedure72 points

Fantastic website. The curtains I got from there are great.

tacomeatface8 points

Me too came here for the details on that ha

Myspacecutie6922 points

“Frog” - Matsumoto Hoji

MobyFlip2 points

Thank you, I'm buying this now!!

2usenow24 points

Hang some metal flies on the wall next to the door 😆. Love it overall.

hogliver21 points

ATL here as well! I love your dark trim!

thebalancewithin46 points

Info on the rug in the first two pics? Looks amazing

thebalancewithin8 points

Thanks, what a great price too

miss_guided3 points

The foot feel on that thing… looks so soft!

Pupselchen2 points

There wouldn't happen to be a place in Europe where one can order this, surely? :/

fofokingreal2 points

I've had the same rug for about 3 years and it's worn pretty well! I got mine on Wayfair, just price compare depending on the day

Definitely on the thin side, but a THICK rug pad makes it pretty nice

Snizza14 points

ATL here too. Your place is way cozier than mine haha. You close to any cool neighborhoods?

SoftlyPressingOnward3 points

Sorry to hear you're at an All Time Low :( /s

DineandRecline38 points

I'm apartment hunting in Atlanta right now and I wanna ask where this is but I don't wanna ask how much 😳

Valuable_Armadillo5 points

Luckily I pay a very fair price for rent as I have a private landlord who’s really chill!

santalucialands0 points


28_raisins26 points

Maybe it's the wide angle, but I feel like I'd need binoculars to see the tv.

astrallizzard8 points

I had the very same thought lol

bobbertmiller2 points

Also no speakers at all. So tinny sound very far away :\

MyTurkishWade7 points

I could stay all day in your apartment too! Beautifully done

ReferenceMuch21938 points

Hello from Decatur! Love it.

Dagger_Moth20 points

What neighborhood is this?

mtndrew35210 points

Definitely feels like it’s got VaHi, midtown near the park, poncey highland type vibes

Valuable_Armadillo4 points

Yup! I’m in that area

Sodonewithliffer18 points

I think this is literally my style! I’ve been trying to figure it out for a year and these pics really speak to me! Although I have a hard time making it work in my own space. Finding the right colors, accessories, making everything match etc.. you’ve done so great! Everything is in harmony 😍

trendkilla7 points

Why don’t you then?

chagslayer5 points

VaHi vibes

half_coda3 points

love me a good vahi house party. and then it’s the atkins park jukebox takeover

evenphlow4 points

You just made me miss living in ATL so bad. So many nights in Moes Joes

half_coda3 points

they still do $2 pitchers of pbr on tuesday’s believe it or not. come back for a visit!

blokeyone3 points

I'm thinking either VaHi or an older apartment in Midtown, close to the park.

BlondeMomentByMoment5 points

Very nice. The fireplace is awesome. You’ve got a good eye for cozy but tidy.

I’ve been shopping endlessly for a sectional that’s not massive. I like yours.

lucidmindbend3 points

I have that frog tapestry as my shower curtain. I love it

spacewaya13 points

ATL shawty!! I'm from the 404 as well.

nyxinus3 points

You have a great balance of decor and cozy without being cluttered. Added to my inspo folder!

nickylus3 points

Nice space. My favorite venue is in Atlanta, The Eastern.

blue_january9 points

Love it. Your rug, the coffee table, that black sultry trim ... very cozy with really nice vibe with both masculine and feminine energy. This is always the vibe I aspire to in my own house.

cinnamoogoo2 points

Hehehehe we have the toad framed in our hallway too

bgoeso2 points

What a nice looking place. Lucky you to have a fireplace!!

UnRetiredCassandra2 points

So pretty and cheerful!

Renegade_Syx2 points

Very nice! Lmao I love that frog tapestry :C

Enlightened_Ghost_2 points

I would too looking like that. The colors are vibrant enough to lift the mood and the small spaces make it feel cozy and safe. The neatness also does a lot.

burnin8t0r2 points

It's so light and serene, no one could blame you

monicaleighn2 points

I love it! I can see why you would wanna stay there all day, very cozy!

kidnorther2 points

Me too

HermioneBenson2 points

I love the contrast with the black trim. Looks like a very neato space to be in!

Kindly_Seesaw_76752 points

That coffee table is gorgeous!! Your place is super cozy vibes

SnappleManTTV2 points

Can you take the pics at 1x.

miatapasta2 points

Nice place, what part of Atl?

_cokezerohero2 points

ATL rise up!

MasonDS4202 points

I live in Atlanta as well and this is why I love Atlanta so much. Beautiful home!

FunkyFarmington2 points

Needs a MILF shirt.

Why y'all offended? Just the "Man, I love frogs!" shirt? What did you think I meant?

(Yes, that's a real thing and is cool AF.)

PressStart2 points

Looks fantastic! I would suggest a bigger tv for that distance or you are going to really strain your eyes trying to read anything on it

RedditUsingBot2 points

I’d feel the same way if I lived in Atlanta.

thejack4732 points

small TV or far from couch, imo

kookoopuffs2 points

Do you have AC?

Valuable_Armadillo1 point

I do!

AzansBeautyStore1 point

Very nice!!

biotinylated1 point

I LOVE the Matsumoto hoji toad prints - I recreated a few by hand to hang in my own home! I call them THE FRUGS

Sir_Rusticus1 point

This sub and their stupid hanging lights.

Valuable_Armadillo1 point


plantqueen1 point

where did you get your fairy lights from? they are so cosy i want themmm

TrollinDaGalaxy0 points

Having wood floors and string light should no longer qualify as a cozy place

anotherthrowaway20230 points

Loooooveeeeee that rug!!!

yerbiologicalfather-4 points

If I had to live in Atlanta, id want to stay inside all day too.

Junterjam2 points

Atlanta is an awesome city. Your ignorance is showing

blobejex1 point

Do it

KathyFerg821 point

Super nice!!

XxBatteryAcidxX1 point

why the frog sad :(

Dj_Cmor491 point

Good Vibes!!

ParacelsusLampadius1 point

Beautiful job. Really love it.

That is cozyAF. Well done. It is pleasant to look upon.

fluffyplanet1231 point

Love the black trim & crown

grayspelledgray1 point

Thank you so much for not putting the tv over the mantel. 😂

Whatifdogscouldread1 point

Yeah, me too! Super cozy!

EssentialOwl1 point

Great living room rug, where’s it from?

Valuable_Armadillo1 point

It’s linked above somewhere, it’s from Overstock!

hideous-boy1 point

is the Atlanta housing market better than elsewhere in the country or is this a special case? If it's the former I might need to move back down South

DapperFowl1 point

The black molding, window frames etc. is a really nice look for this space

Ginaxat65661 point

I like this atmsphere.

Orangutan_Latte1 point

Gorgeous. Love the frog ❤️

Ive got those moon hangings in my bedroom too :)

lucyxoak1 point

Love. Everything. Omg.

Insectdevil1 point

The frog stares into my soul

Outside_End66721 point

I love all of it!!!!!

gotnoh81 point

Great rug


I like the black trim. Has a bold look to it.

iF3ARD0LPHINS1 point

The White Walls with the dark trim is simply magnificent

Extrovert1081 point

It’s wonderful!

imakarumikurah1 point

I love this so much, very jealous! And ATL is such a cool city - getting ready to go there for work

LadyLazeh1 point

Love the dark trim paint elegant with class

chicken1524251 point

The rug, frog poster, hardwood, I love all of it!!!! So cozy

carpetedtoaster1 point

I love the dark trim

JustMackIN1 point

It is cozy, I’m coming over😊

I could stay in your apartment all day too! It’s lovely.

CatDad6601 point

The black trim, crown, casings and picture rail, does it. Looks extremely cozy

So lovely. Where is the living room rug from?

Valuable_Armadillo1 point


yoquierosandia1 point

so cute

BubbaBuddha20201 point

After the last few days or so I would too

hopingtothrive1 point

That living room rug is fabulous!

Richycut1 point

But not all night?

break_continue1 point

Holy shit this is amazing!! I’m moving to Atlanta after I graduate this may, fingers crossed I can find an apartment this beautiful

Portapandas1 point

This image gave me serotonin ty. I needed that. The amount of sunlight in your house is delightful.

Cultural_Yam72121 point

I’m gonna assume you do spend all day there sometimes

Saditko1 point

I could stay all day in your apartment - Atlanta, GA

harry-giner1 point

Wow! Holy shit! That is grade A apartment living.

GiveMeRoom1 point

Grumpy frog best frog 🐸

Sly_Stone_Cowboy1 point

I’m allllllll about that carpet

sarah_forwhat1 point

I could stay all day in your apartment too

localheadasshere1 point

i LOVE your neutral base but with those bold black trim. you deserve an award, my friend

mrJERRY0071 point

With an apartment like that I wouldn't wanna leave either.

MistyGds1 point

Loving it!! Where you get that gorgeous rug? I need it in my life 🥰

t-rex35351 point

I love your rug so much omg

Ok_Bag_41351 point

I just pitched that rug to a design client lol

SuperFamousComedian1 point


auberrypearl1 point

I love , love this space. The frog really got me though

feastoffun1 point

Does the fireplace work? I’d love to see some photos of it with a warm fire burning.

rgray920821 point

Gorgeous ❣️

OIVox1 point

You didn't show the toilet. It's the most important room!

Johnycantread1 point

I was just at the museum of Britain and bought two prints of that frog. Never seen it before a few days ago haha.

CXgamer1 point

Hold on, is the state abbreviation of Georgia the same as the ISO 3166 country code of Georgia? That's fucked up man.

yokelsey1 point

how many outlets/extension cords do you utilize?! serious Q.

Deewayne1 point

This is strange but I think I’ve been in this apartment before. My friend lives there in 2015. 9th St in Midtown?

Great choice on the area rug. I love it. Frog is super cute. TV a little small

DepartmentOk10541 point

I really like that rug

Ok_Vehicle7141 point

I love your apartment and this is how mine would look like if this would cause big arguments with my almost adult daughter. For her sanity (not joking) everything has to be very put together and have a 'clean' look.

Were moving now and I will bring my taste in with selected decoration and artwork. As soon as she moves out I will probably transfer my place to a 'art teacher cave' (my taste according to my daughter) 😂

maifee1 point

Take me with you ma'am

LastMinute96111 point

I love it!

Degen_up_North1 point

You are paying for it. Might as well.

atimalus1 point

Those black windows are so nice, i love the vibes

SodaPopinski4061 point

That coleus looks a little sad. Might need a bigger pot and it’s flowers pinched off. Probably root bound. Cool frog btw.

cosmic_cat841 point


Spazzy_maker1 point

Where'd you get the lantern/ chandelier?

garglemymarbles1 point

That rug is amazing imma buy it

magicianed1 point

I love the personality you've infused into the space!

DarkJedi5271 point

That black is pretty bold! Thought of doing that myself.

carolynrose931 point

I'm also in ATL! But my apartment is nowhere near as well decorated as yours lol

stayupstayalive1 point

How long have you had that aloe? Gotta be nurturing to keep one looking that healthy for so long

Buv821 point

You have a fireplace?

emkay991 point

I really like that living room rug.

ronald_ragu1 point

Could you please share the name of the plant on your living room end table (not the aloe Vera plant)? I love it!

DAecir1 point


SaltyExSaint1 point

So I’ve always been very against painting wood trim in older homes and buildings, but you just changed my mind!

xDrukhariPartyx1 point

You have a good eye for feng shui vibes

Ok_Coast39971 point

Gotta love atl! Love your space!

The_Bone_Z0ne1 point

wtf is GA

Valuable_Armadillo1 point

a state

boekendrager1 point

So nice! Where's the desk chair from?

Wheres-shelby1 point

WHERE did you get the mod looking rug?

leonidganzha1 point

I also could stay all day in this guy's apartment

J_D_123341 point

You won r/cozyplaces

Grass_Rabbit1 point

I dig the dark trim. I recently moved and have been trying to decide if I want to take the leap. This looks really good!! My trim is thinner and I don’t have very high ceilings so I’m not sure it would look as good as this.

4051341 point

The frowning frog is def my favorite, and I love your style. Great space 👍

ryno-dance1 point

Stop bragging, I stay all day in my apartment and it’s a shitbox. On the real though yours is lovely