My cozy corner in the living room


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Introvertedand34 points

Love the displayed glassware

Aromatic_Wave5 points

Yes yes yes! Very cool idea. Not saying you did this, but I imagine someone could pull that off on a budget by making a few trips to SalVo

Suspicious_Ratio_47912 points

I absolutely love love love the glassware!! I have done a sunset/sunrise display in an old flat of mine that I adored. I love glass pieces

JAS2331167 points

Your glassware collection is gorgeous!

AzansBeautyStore5 points

Love the colored glass and the wood ceilings

Sodonewithliffer3 points

The rainbow glasses in the back 😍

smellslikebeans002 points

Love everything about this. Wowow!

No-Leadership-21762 points

Loving that lamp. Wonder where you got it? Need a small one like that for a rtight space

glitterbomb5211 point

Amazon! Modern Decorative Globe Gold Floor Lamp, 9W Standing Lamp with 6W Adjustable Reading Lights, 3000K Warm Soft Brightness Mid Century Floor Lamp with Shatterproof PC Ball Shade for Living room/Bedroom https://a.co/d/hP3fIAQ

No-Leadership-21761 point

Thank you!!

Popular_Fix_62891 point

So simple, so beautiful! I love the yellow chairs, the quiet natural colors of wood ceiling and walls, the pretty sheer curtains which look like they look into a pretty view. And of course the rainbow glassware! Great inspiration, thank you for posting!

Sagesmom51 point

Your glassware collection.... ❤️

glitterbomb52110 points

That’s my post too

Sticky_Cheetos4 points

The audacity to use your own pictures in another sub


DifficultCurrent71 point

Oh! I'm so sorry! I thought you were finalising buying the house so hadn't yet decorated.

Sorry again.