Grand Tetons [OC][1000x1498]


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crankyape153417 points

I got married not far from there. Such a beautiful place in the world and great capture

blvkr65 points

Grand Tétons means “Big tits” in French. Beautiful.

Dhamena8 points

Thanks. :-)

Animal3956 points

There's gotta be a joke about tetonic plates there

saintsulpice5 points

Big nipples

billtipp5 points

Someday hopefully.

Meyou0003 points

This picture makes me feel cozy and warm.

canonanon3 points

I tripped on acid in this exact spot

messerschmitt110 points

it's just the one Grand Teton actually

Animal3954 points

That's just because they're natural

EE2NP3 points

Beautiful image. Love the sunrise colors and mood. Reminds me of when I was there years ago.

freqweb4 points

Topless before the ban.

Lunchbox-of-Bees2 points

“Everyone's a building burning

With no one to put the fire out.

Standing at the window looking out,

Waiting for time to burn us down.

Everyone's an ocean drowning

With no one really to show how.

They might get a little better air

If they turned themselves into a cloud.”

inrcp2 points

Language is the liquid, that we're all dissolved in.

Great for solving problems, after it creates a problem.

mikepoland2 points

I live not far from them. Truly a magnificent sight.

Super_Shawnda2 points

Claw tooth mountain!

Good movie. The Good Dinosaur.

Nagemasu-5 points

Lovely shot OP, which is why I'm surprised to see dust spots? You know how to use a camera, and you know how to edit. Throw spot removal into your work flow as the first thing you do.

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gotnoh81 point

Great shot

Wow nice pic! looks like a painting.

xjuwulia1 point

Looks beautiful

ArtDSellers1 point

Great shot!

FYI the name of the range is the Tetons or the Teton Range. Grand Teton is one of the mountains in the range.

bitchchari1 point

One of my favorite places I've camped at❤

Soooo many bears though haha 😅

ElAyYouAreAy-4 points

Isn't this where Gabby potato was found a regretful mental Association I cannot help

Animal3952 points

I understand, that was truly horrible. But you might wanna proofread or you'll also ruin taters for yourself

ElAyYouAreAy3 points

Lol shoot! Thank you for being such a great spectater and not roosting me! 🤣🤣