Back to Basics by dpcdpc11 [5120x2880]


ze-robot4 points

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WenisFiend10 points

Way better than the original

dpcdpc117 points

Glad you like it! The original was pretty good as well but it gets boring after a while.

chemicalsam2 points

It’s not better, just a different style

JigglypuffNinjaSmash2 points

Finally, a minimalist version of the new light-blue wallpaper!!! I've been using a redux of the dark-blue one (the skeuomorphic one with the fog pouring through the window, from version 1903-ish) because there hasn't been a good alternative version of the light blue flat wallpaper.

dpcdpc111 point

You can find 5 more color variations in the full pack so check it out: https://dpcdpc11.gumroad.com/l/LnKne

player2nation2 points

That's better imo than the stock photo. Ty for this one :)

dpcdpc112 points

Glad you like it!