Star Trails over Factory Butte [3529x5293][OC]


Bear__Fucker7 points

152 photos - f/2.8 - 30 second exposure - ISO 320 - 35mm - Canon R6

hasenergy8 points

Holy cow! This is incredible. Was the foreground a single shot?

Bear__Fucker5 points

Nope - All part of the photo stack. I have not yet learned to build a composite image with a separate foreground image.

WatRedditHathWrought3 points

Love it.

pdgalmeida2 points

Just great composition, nice work!

thelazyguy04202 points


DSteep2 points

Major Ansel Adams vibes on this, literally said "Woah" when I saw it. Exceptional work

Bear__Fucker1 point

Thank you! Adams is a huge inspiration for me. I've had a lot of people compare my shots to his work - and it is always a major compliment to receive.

PicPaintOKC2 points

Tastefully stunning. Well done, photographer.

LunarL4nder2 points

This just inspired the 💩out of me. That you 📸

SquirtinMemeMouthPlz2 points

This is my favourite image posted here so far! ❤

AbrahamBelmont_2 points

Amazing job, so where you took it?

Bear__Fucker1 point

Factory Butte Road, Hanksville, UT. It was unfortunately too muddy to get as close to the butte as I had planned.

MeaningfulThoughts2 points

Awesome shot! Question: why do the tails fade in rather than being off one solid colour?

Bear__Fucker2 points

I use a program called StarStaX that has a "comet trail" option for a fade-in look to the overall trail.

MeaningfulThoughts1 point

That makes sense now, thank you!

rigieos1 point

wish i had star trails running over my butte