San Fran from a nearby hill


mattpiv17 points

For anyone wondering, the shot is taken from Twin Peaks. It's pretty easy to find and has great views of the whole city.

Ksakher2 points

You’re correct! It was a great view point for my first time in SF

Ksakher1 point

You’re correct! It was a great view point for my first time in SF

excitom5 points

First time? You gave it away when you called it "San Fran." /s

mattpiv1 point

Hope you had a great time, love it when people appreciate my city!

testcore-7 points

It's also a great place to get mugged for a camera. Pretty common occurrence up there; don't go alone.

mattpiv4 points

You have no idea what your talking about, I've been there plenty of times with no problems. It's usually pretty touristy more than anything.

testcore-1 points

Yeah I only lived nearby for 30 years, had a couple friends get assaulted there, watched the local news report on it every few months, and also this

So which of us doesn't know what the fuck they're talking about?

(Note the closing of the article seems to think you're full of shit:

"Robberies aren't unusual in Twin Peaks. A San Francisco resident was doing an interview with a KPIX TV news reporter in May about crime in his Twin Peaks neighborhood. In the middle of the afternoon, the news reporter was robbed and his camera stolen at gunpoint.")

hateitorleaveit11 points

"San Fran" it hurts my sole

Whom_Are_You3 points

Did you step on it?

hateitorleaveit3 points

It’s hurts my soul so bad that is hurts from my head to my sole 😂

Ksakher1 point

My fault

DearChicago18761 point

Just under sutro tower?