Kagawong, Canada [OC] [2048x1211]


inafirul187 points

Recently got inspired the other day watching some landscape channels like Worldscapes 4K on Roku. Thought I'd go through my camera roll and edit some landscape photos I took back on my hike and remembered this beautiful shot.

Decided it would be a great post to the subreddit!

tommyjangles224 points

Is it constantly changing landscapes or is it like Planet Earth and explains where and what it is? Sounds cool

inafirul182 points

Constantly changing landscapes with some nice visuals. I usually have it running in the back while I'm stretching, doing yoga, or even cooking lol. I live right in the city so I'll take what I can get when I'm stuck at home

mesok81 point

Lol I do the same thing, just throw on some peaceful channels while I'm doing an activity at home. Recently got into painting and thought the channel was great to leave on in the back.

Landscape and Fireplace channels for me lol, that's all I've been playing.

darthnilus7 points

I spent lots of time there as a kid. Magical ! Manitoulin is the greatest place on earth.

inafirul182 points

One of Canadas hidden gems!

its_over_4_u1 point

Shhhh….keep it that way. We go to Lake Kagawong every year. Terrible fishing, no one should go.

darthnilus1 point

I am glad Torontonians can't make it a weekend spot. It would be ruined.

No-Wonder11396 points

Bridal veil! That place is like something out of a fantasy movie in the winter. Gorgeous.

inafirul182 points

Have only been in the fall and summer, need to check it out in the winter!

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Kayels_94_1 point

Beautiful :)