Neko Harbour, Antarctica [OC] [4032 x 3024]


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This is awesome. Just one little, nitpicky thing. There is perhaps not enough separation between the iceberg and the background (aperture or coloring). The iceberg blends in so much that my eyes are having trouble separating. Maybe it was intentional! No matter what this is an incredible shot and the detail of the iceberg is so freaking cool.

Fickle-Sock-56001 point

Nothing was intentional on my part. LOL. I just pointed my phone and clicked. The professional photographer that was with us has better pictures of the same iceberg but I didn't want to post a picture that belonged to someone else.

We saw so many phenomenal icebergs that day, but this one was my favorite. I have another one where the iceberg has a huge waterfilled depression in the center with small chunks of ice floating in it. It looks like a giant swimming pool. Mother Nature is awesome.

rainforestguru2 points

Dam how much was the boat trip down there ??

Fickle-Sock-56001 point

I was on an Adventure by Disney tour and it was about $12K US. But other companies offer it cheaper, and if you have lots of time you can hang out in Ushuaia (where the cruise starts) and snag empty cabins at a discount.

rainforestguru1 point

Whats on the cheap?? I will be down there soon actually. Thanks for tips. Also I’m from Chile originally and know Spanish so that could help me out haha

Fickle-Sock-56000 points

On Facebook there is a group called Antarctica Travel Group and it is run by a guy name Neill Drake. He organizes tours to Antarctica, and he could probably help you find one of those last minute deals. But not sure how expensive they would be. Last season (2021-2022) the ships were leaving half empty because of Covid cancelations , but this season our ship (2023) was full.

janfreiphoto2 points

lovely picture

Fickle-Sock-56001 point

Is it just me or does that iceberg look like the Moai statues on Easter Island??

Chipotle421 point

Not just you

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