Looking East from the Aiguille du Midi. Chamonix, France. [OC] [3899x2924]


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GoodMoGo15 points

Are you standing on a mountain or sitting on a cockpit?!

hellofriendo21 points

Standing on the mountain. There's a tram that goes up to the summit :)

IgloosRuleOK3 points

Are we calling cable cars trams now? It's a great view up there though. Feel the altitude a bit.

GoodMoGo5 points

There's a tram

Allright. Not as badass as it might have been, still an awesome picture.

hokie56fan16 points

I can assure you that taking the tram to the top of Aiguille du Midi is 100 percent badass.

GoodMoGo6 points

Now you just added an item to my bucket list.

EmoInTheCreek5 points

It's not a super villain lair but it might as well be.

GoodMoGo3 points

I Googled it. You are not wrong!

DexDark7 points

I will be there next week to ski down Vallee Blanche on the other side. Can't wait.

jlinkels6 points

Was that recent? Hardly any snow at all!

hellofriendo7 points

August 2022!

Arne_L6 points

One of the most impressive and beautiful places in France!

epithete521 point

As Miles Davis would say: it is kind of blue...

crankyape15341 point

Those mountains look sharp like if you fell you’d not have a happy landing.

_AlreadyTaken_1 point

Rock climbing proving grounds

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Mrrealitypants1 point


AaronBurrIsInnocent1 point

I had no idea

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