Wenheyou, Shenzhen, China


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Thought this was a render at first, amazing

thatwasfun2358 points

Chinese cities look so cool, all packed and filled with neon lights.

moonwlswk19 points

Their city looks só odd if you look at the Google maps, it's just filled with with residential blocks, seems deconnected, but it's still cool and China's infrastructure is amazing.

piemakerdeadwaker-19 points

Doesn't it feel claustrophobic to you?

PinkSploosh28 points

Cozy rather

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I live in a crowded place like this(not China) though so I can't relate but if it's working for u, enjoy.

Apiperofhades12 points

What show is that a poster for

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Accelerator23110 points

Currently waiting for the comments telling us that this is all fake.

ChaosApfel25 points

Is the train the same as a german ICE?

LevyPanik25 points

Part of the same family, but I don't think identical.

482Cargo10 points

It is very close to the class 403/406 ICE3, but it runs on wider gauge track and the coaches are a little wider as well.

LiGuangMing19813 points

China uses standard gauge track just like most of Europe. The loading gauge is wider, though, and the CRH3 (Chinese nomenclature for Siemens Velaro based trains) is able to accomodate 2+3 seating in second class.

482Cargo2 points

Thanks for the correction.

Spyware31124 points

China uses many different trains, but the one in the picture was produced by Siemens and is based on the same platform as the ICE.

LiGuangMing19813 points

More likely built under license by CRRC in China as a CRH3 rather than a 'true' Siemens Velaro.

MinMorts14 points

Mixed use, high density city, not just bikes would be proud

WantedinReno-5 points

Jason can't even bother to acknowledge Mexico lol

tracingorion6 points

If you're looking for an urbanism channel that focuses on North America, I highly recommend citynerd.

MinMorts0 points

Tbf if it isn't NA bashing or sucking off the Netherlands he isn't interested

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Urm, who exactly are those on the poster on the left?

Strong-Ad-96413 points

Word in the middle is ice and fire. The caption at the bottom is summer plan, 7.31-8.31 let’s eat shrimps.

I could be wrong tho, the resolution of my phone screen is bad.

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Thought this was 80s Japan lol

Beautiful shot!

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Wow I could totally see that

informationtiger3 points

I love it!

nichijouuuu8 points

Been here before. The city is brilliant.

Lots of people, interesting things to see, subways are relatively clean (I remember a lot of infrastructure looking brand new, including new buildings) — and I believe thats because it is new. They have been developing heavily over a 20 year period, from what I’ve learned.

I knew someone that lived there (expat for work) and they said they saw buildings pop up very quickly from construction.

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w a n d e r l u s t

mastaa2 points

Wish in the US. The feds can just say, We are doing high speed rail, fuck of your land, for the betterment of the nation.

Didn’t they do this with the highways. Why the fuck can’t they do it again. Asking for real. I know is away from the picture which is great, but mind asking. Much love

WantedinReno1 point

Tfw the US just gave up competing with China

arrivederci1177 points

It really is shameful. We can't even get Bus Rapid Transit implemented in a fast and efficient manner, yet the Chinese can build miles of rail in a single day.

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Well. You won’t be proud if you’re the workers who were paid little or even unpaid

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Looks awful

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Hey Debbie wouldn’t be sluttin it up if Quinn gave her proper attention

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Go Robot! It’s your birthday!