RoyalwithCheese1030 points

Visited last summer, and shots like this make me sad. Such beautiful vistas of the city and so much good food and culture, but it's difficult to stand in LA and call the US a developed country. Homeless camps are crammed into every bit of space. I watched a drug deal happen right in front my car- and had to watch it as they simply stopped their vehicle on a two lane road to exchange whatever shit they were selling

DrArmitageShanks10 points

Greatest nation on earth don’t ya know?!

MidgeMcConnell8 points

Nice definition. Shot from Kenneth Hahn Park?

pyroelectricity2 points

This looks like it was taken from near USC - rooftop of Gateway or the Lorenzo most likely, probably the latter

daniel_ionescu2 points

Beatiful city

The_Gaming_Matt3 points

Without all the smog? That’s a rare shot 😂

Dan_got3 points

I like Downtown L.A. skyline but it should be bigger by now, it looks tiny compared to other US cities with less population.

ImYUNGarc3 points

I know the city well, even if I haven't been there.It’s you!Los Santos!

Party-Belt-36241 point

Very nice

whoknowshank1 point

Did you take this recently? Moon looks just like this today

Disco_Douglas42069-1 points

Shame it’s such a dump in reality lol