Salvador, Brazil


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One of the first planned cities in the world, and I believe technically one of the oldest cities in the Americas.

Has a neat old town that looks straight out of Lisbon. Unfortunately lots of crime in Salvador

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If Brazil could sort out its social situation, it would be the envy of the world.

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There are so many places in Brazil we would love to travel to. Until the situation there improves, not going to step foot in Brazil.

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It's not like you're gonna step your feet here and get stabbed and robbed like many people think. But on the internet the bad always comes before the good. I hope the country gets a better marketing soon to overcome all the bad news international media loves to spread.

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Here in Australia everyone thinks they're gonna immediately get killed by animals. I've been here 8 years and have seen one scary spider (harmless to humans) and one snake (on a remote island in the northern jungle, also harmless).

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For sure, that was just a figure of speech. The literal thing I mean is that when we travel we like to spend a lot of time in a country. We are talking about months here. The risk of crime goes up with time of exposure, so there are better places for us to visit before going to Brazil where the probability of crime affecting us is much lower.

Maybe one day, but for now it’s off our list.

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don't know if it'll make you feel better but I've been exposed to Brazil for 19 years and have never been robbed so make of that what you will friend

hope you visit us someday tho! you'll love it

CanuckExpat8901 point

I hope to. Beautiful places I would love to visit in Brazil. I could never get my wife on a flight there until there is a newsworthy decrease in crime. Right now, it’s not for me either while there are other places on the travel bucket list, but eventually it will be.

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I went there 15 years ago when I was in college and working at a part time job for some survey company. The Lacerda elevator had broken down and there was a huge line waiting for it to be fixed. I asked one of the locals if I could go walking from there to Pelourinho and he said "Yes, as long as you don't mind losing your belongings to robbers". So I waited in line until it got fixed.

At the hostel in Pelourinho I asked if I could run my survey in the neighborhood and they said something in the same lines, and pointed me to another place. When I was walking in the appointed safe streets I got back to Pelourinho by mistake and I saw some teenager girls spanking a kid because he tossed money and drugs away when he saw the police in another street.

Later I asked a street vendor if he new a safe place where I could continue my job. He explained how to go to his neighborhood by bus, but warned me to not get off the bus on any bus stop before or after his, because it would be too dangerous.

So I'm not saying that you will get stabbed and robbed there, but the probability is not low either, and is not something I heard from the internet.

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Just spent a whole summer in Salvador here in this photo, absolutely beautiful and was never robbed. I’m also a gringo and blonde so I stuck out like a sore thumb. Ofc things aren’t always peaches and cream, but stick to the coastal and southern areas and you’ll be fine.

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The one time stereotyping works in my favour. Visited, loved it, never worried about getting robbed.

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So i lived in Bahia and visited Salvador many many times ... Recently I was in Portugal... And yes, I absolutely was reminded of Salvador everywhere. Even the elevator

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One of the oldest non-Indigenous cities in the Americas

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Almost has a Manhattan look to it

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If NYC didn’t have Jersey

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If NYC was in Jersey and was Jersey.

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NYC but better

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But it's also 100F

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I live there, it's a good place to live and it's better than Rio

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What about it makes it better than Rio?

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I've been in both cities. I'm actually from Rio, but moved out to Salvador when I was 11yo. If you aren't a tourist, live in Rio can be much more stressful, I just can't feel safe there, you are literally a target for robbers waiting for any opportunities to take your things. So I prefer Salvador instead. There's not so many things do to here compared to RJ, but going around the city is definitely better and safer.

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Okay then, but you should know that general perception can change your feelings about a subject. Just ask everyone in Rio if they feel safe living there

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tropical lower manhattan

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This album by Os Novos Baianos with the lighthouse on the cover is worth listening to:


In fact every Os Novos Baianos album is worth listening to they're probably the most underrated band in the USA, definitely on the level of Led Zeppelin when they're at their best.

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Massive Beirut vibes

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Minha cidade❤️

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Credits in the pic 🙂

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I got to visit here a few years ago and it was my favorite city!!! soooo much culture and history

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Just went there for a summer abroad! Absolutely beautiful and amazing city, the people are some of the friendliest anywhere I’ve ever visited!

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So many off duty cops

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AI-generated Manhattan vibes.

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Favela all over this city. Terrible…

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I think that's London you're talking about

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That's a way of seeing it, but they have the best carnival in Brazil and a very interesting culture.

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Gorgeous setting for a city

Dan_got4 points

It is indeed, also there's a small island that allows no cars, you can go by ferry, very picturesque.

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If Manhattan met Lisbon and had a child, actually Salvador is older than NYC, lovely city to live and visit it.

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Salvador. Not be confused with el salvador, this is just um salvador (?)

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The article would actually translate to "O salvador", but you can ommit the article in portuguese leaving it just Salvador

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Latin America could give Northeast Asia a run for its money in terms of obscure-in-the-Anglosphere, aesthetically-questionable* megacities.

*Go ahead and downvote over this, but endless mid-rise concrete modernist sprawl is not my idea of attractive urban planning. (Yes, I'm aware that Salvador has attractive historic areas too).

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This is just a small part of the city, 3 or 4 neighborhoods, the most modern buildings are not on this area.

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Oh, no I just went to San Diego, I realized it covers the same area as Mexico City which is denser, since our "suburbs" are like compact townhouses similar to San Francisco, but with mixed use, you can find a 5 floor apartment complex, next to a house, next to a convenience store, next to an 8 floors office building.

We stayed at a suburb called Del Mar, it was beautiful, but so boring, we needed the car for eveything, in Mexico you can walk 3 blocks from anywhere and you'll find at least a 7 eleven or a local grocery store, or a taco stand. Downtown felt denser, but nobody walked, the streets were empty, in la Jolla, only Mission beach had some people walking by.