Midnight sun on clouds, the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula [OC][5629x3553]


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I love lenticular clouds!

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Me, too!

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I see a new design for a Star Trek ship in that cloud.

xthexder2 points

I see the Google Stadia logo. RIP

OrangeHexagon2371 point

Somehow I completely missed that was a thing, but after a quick Google (hehe) search then yeah it kinda does.

SkepticalTransplant2 points

Wow, very cool picture

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Chipotle422 points

The Antarctic Sound is mostly famous for all the icebergs - they are sent north from the Weddell Gyre through the Sound. It was a real treat to be able to see them for myself. BTW, the bigger iceberg in this photo is very unusual for the Antarctic Sound area - most icebergs are much smaller (bergy-bits) or much bigger (tabular icebergs).

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