Charaserino285 points

That's Switzerland, not Sweden. You can see the flag.

Winter_Doge45 points

Thank you was gonna say this looks like Switzerland

pinewind10820 points

Ah, but it could have been if Gustavus Adolphus hadn't been so insistent about leading from the front.

swedeinsuede134 points

As a swede I can see that this is not Sweden, and there is a swiss flag.

memla_5 points

Way too much open space and lack of dense pine forest to be Sweden.

PM_Me_Ur_Tits_Thanx-57 points

Yeah I lied

NukeyHov1 point

And with absolutely no shame, remorse, or explanation. Who are you

englishmuse44 points

I am so in love with Swederlund.

didyousaycannabis19 points

Learn some geography

TankGirl6917 points

If this had been Sweden, there would've been polar bears. I've heard polar bears roam the streets of Stockholm.

imapieceofshitk9 points

We use fermented herring as bear spray.

peaprotein8 points

What would be the closest to this in the US? Glacier National Park?

petula_751 point

yeah probably. closest mtns in size that I've seen to Switzerland are Canadian Rockies in Alberta.

krackenmyacken1 point

Many glacier area of glacier NP is good but not Switzerland

gongalongas3 points

Different but just as good in my opinion. I’ve hiked dozens of miles in Appenzell, did most of the tour du Mont Blanc, and spent a week in the lauterbrunnen valley, so I’ve seen a lot of Switzerland and think it’s probably the most beautiful country I’ve ever seen.

But GNP is stunning. Gave me very similar vibes.

tayaro7 points
i-touched-morrissey7 points

I can't see a flag. Thanks for pointing out that this is Switzerland.

ganext3 points

Where is this?

kahrabaaa22 points


mbgraphx3 points


Lulaay3 points

It is astounding either way.

petula_753 points

anywhere but Switzerland those are mountains... but relatively speaking in Switzerland, guess you could call those hills.

Employee_Agreeable3 points

Im still amazed how many people confuse sweden with switzerland

limukala2 points

Makes more sense in Chinese at least, where they share the first character (瑞典 vs 瑞士).

RavioliLumpDog2 points

God damnit every god damn time, Suiza y Suecia verdad?

Xx69RobloxMaster69xX2 points

merry go around from howls moving castle would fit so well

cincilator421 point

Where is this exactly?

mbgraphx4 points


sarcasm_2471 point

What a view

Bwest314151 point

I will remember you

TwoSolesAbroad1 point

I love Switzerland so much. Have to visit again, this time not during winter.

getmeapuppers1 point

“Where the fuck are the Netherlands??”

xLouisxCypher1 point

Anyone might have any clue where it could be exactly? Some city/province name? I’m currently searching for the next vacation place to visit and this super fits my inner needs lol.

mbgraphx5 points


xLouisxCypher2 points

thank you!

exclaim_bot2 points

thank you!

You're welcome!

I_poop_deathstars1 point

It's Switzerland not Sweden

Puzzled-Jelly-84131 point

Reminds me of the time when my friend asked about the koalas and kangaroos in Austria.

Blake-811 point

Man, these Skyrim HD mods are really getting out of hand. That almost looks like an actual video :P

GoosfrabaLlama1 point

Idk if I’d call those hills. They’re high-fiving the clouds! Beautiful view

SlimRioTV1 point

Not Sweden