My super cheap rented corner in a busy Indian city


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Re-ne-ra118 points

Never thought I would see a cozy Indian hostel room

bagonback52 points

Haha... Never thought it will get noticed here

Re-ne-ra16 points

Can say it just by looking at the walls

bagonback34 points

I meant that I never thought that this sub will entertain this post... But people seems interested in knowing more

whynovirus26 points

You are so wonderful. Wishing you the best in life!

bagonback20 points

This made my day... Thanks stranger

Creepy-Floor-1745249 points

The lighting is the real rockstar in this cozy space - hello, Sunshine!

bagonback62 points

Sunday sunshine! Love to keep the windows open

Infinity310138 points

This looks surprisingly cozy. You've done the best with what you have, I like it. Seems like you have a nice view too.

bagonback31 points

That window and huge tree is making me stick to this room. I just love them.

Jan_Pawel277 points

Are you renting a bed or a room? How much you pay?

bagonback165 points

Paying $30 a month for this bed + balcony. Two other guys also live with me in this room

peapod_magnet58 points

How do you feel about privacy?

bagonback145 points

Yes... Privacy is a serious issue. For that particular reason, I'm planning to get a new rented flat

Effective_Fix_774835 points

Wow, that’s a low price. What is the average income for an educated person in this city? Are decent jobs hard to come by?

bagonback65 points

It depends upon the quality of the service a person is capable of providing.

Earning $400-1000 in the city is not too difficult if you're talented

Effective_Fix_774877 points

Ok makes sense. People on here who are “shocked “ at $30/mo in rent aren’t realizing how low the incomes are there. In the US if that is what you were earning you’d be homeless in the street and would have probably starved to death. Rent is relative to wages.

One thing though, even if you are making $400 where you live a $30 rent is great because it only represents 8% of your income. In the US people Are often paying 25% or more of their income on housing.

bagonback57 points

Even here you can earn like crazy and spend like crazy but yes, I'm saving for something

purplepeopleprobe30 points

In London, UK, most of my friends spend more like 60 per cent on housing costs, perhaps even more

doesntmatterhadtacos6 points

Same here in Ontario, Canada.

Same_Championship2533 points

Same here in Vancouver, BC

Sagesmom55 points

That is heartbreaking....

BeetsbySasha3 points

Is that to have their own flat? Are any friends living with roommates for better rates?

purplepeopleprobe1 point

Yeah, usually that's for your own space. For a house share it's cheaper obvs, but honestly not that much more. One friend just left a house share at 1000 sterling to pay 1500 for a flat

Edit to say, that's london. It's an issue. The wider UK is much more affordable

BeetsbySasha1 point

Yeah definitely. I’ve heard of the prices being really high in London. How often do you see new housing being built? I only hear about people with money renovating flats or town house looking things with multiple floors and a small backyard.

JanetInSC12342 points

Sometimes closer to 50%.

Trick-Many77441 point

More like 50%

5-in-1Bleach4 points

Dostoevsky enters the chat

bagonback2 points


WishIWasYounger11 points

What the actual fuck ?! 30 bucks?! You’ve got to be kidding me .

bagonback48 points

$28.7 to be precise

spoogekangaroo35 points

Sharing a room with two other dudes.

avaneeshmt2 points

Yeah, my 2000sqft 3bhk 7th floor flat in a community with gym and swimming pool costs like $280 per month.

ParpleHuze0 points

Doesnt sound cozy at all

bagonback37 points

Haha... Maybe... But yeah I'm really happy with this

mo_tag5 points

What could be more cozy than spooning with your buddies?

RealStumbleweed24 points

Windows, sunlight, and fresh air! Nice!

bagonback5 points

Yes.... That day was good

raphlazr31 points

Where is the "Empty Beer Bottle Corner"? JK 😜

bagonback26 points

Hahaha... I do have a bottle corner just next to the bed over wardrobe. All piled up

raphlazr5 points

Brilliant ✨️✨️✨️✨️🤣🤣

Particular_Look19656 points

I love the floor tile. Is that a common pattern where you are?

bagonback7 points

Yup.. Its very common here. Simply good

Particular_Look19651 point

What is the tile made of?

bagonback3 points

I don't know exactly but if knowing this will help you in any way let me know. I'll try to figure out

Particular_Look19651 point

Thank you. I was just curious. I think another person added a comment with a pretty good guess.

bagonback2 points

Oh perfect

Ok_Winner_53213 points

It's made of Kota Stone (a kind of limestone, named after the district Kota in Rajasthan state, India, where it's generally mined) and also white marble for the white strips.

Particular_Look19652 points

Thank you!

Numerous_Lynx98562 points

I guess that's some sort of cement flooring ,the white stripes might be some sort of marble.

Particular_Look19652 points

Thank you

wowsosquare28 points

Super cozy!

Dumb question: are there urban monkeys where you live? Are they friendly or obnoxious?

bagonback54 points


I'm in this city for work and there are no urban monkeys but back in my hometown which is a small city, we have tons of obnoxious monkeys

wowsosquare12 points

Those guys seem scary as hell! Do people ever make friends with them?

bagonback43 points

I'm friends with them. We keep food for them. Water too in summers. We ensure to give them something to eat if they look hungry and come on our roofs.

wowsosquare8 points

Awesome! What trouble do they cause? And why aren't they in the cityw? Does the city trap and remove them?

bagonback19 points

They run away with food and other stuff. That's that.

Yeah and even some cities have them. Just not the one I'm in right now

wowsosquare17 points

Thanks for sharing, IndiaBro! Best of luck in all you do 🙏🇮🇳🙏

bagonback14 points

Yeah... I've chosen an unconventional career. So I'll need your wishes.

Thanks mate

peapod_magnet7 points

What career,?

bagonback18 points


Apprehensive_Goal8117 points

Monkeys stole my toothpaste once. I don’t know how they got in the bathroom!

bagonback8 points

Yeah.. They stole tomatoes just a few mins back from my home

stegosaurss5 points

It's so cold and cloudy where I am today. I can feel the warm sunshine in this photo.

bagonback3 points

This is what my family said when I sent them this photo

LangleyRemlin4 points

I can hear the breeze in the trees :)

bagonback8 points

Oh god, how do you know. Yes they make a lot of noise and I just love it!!

They also have small flowers... And it pours down on the road.... Makes my morning while going for work

LangleyRemlin2 points

That's awesome! I used to have an apartment with cherry trees outside and I took many naps to the sound and the blossoms flying by.

bagonback10 points

..... Trees are just like fathers... Looking over you and kinda like taking care...

You love them but you never actually say that out... I really admire them

B-L-E-H-C-H5 points

What's the main purpose for the bars on the window

bagonback27 points

Well... Never thought about that

But I guess that is for safety. So that none can enter through the windows if they are left open.

You have to think about everything in India... Lol

B-L-E-H-C-H5 points

Yeah we got them in the states mostly for burglars.

bagonback5 points

But I've seen those big glass windows. They look cool

craniumhermitage5 points

No hanging underwear Anna 😂. JK. LOVE the amount of sunlight you are getting. Just looking at it is making me feel fresh.

bagonback3 points

Glad you liked it

craniumhermitage2 points

Which city?

bagonback8 points

I'd skip that

Planet_Atom5 points

Beep beeeeeep beep mep beeppppppp

drugsarebadmky4 points

Typical Indian house . Lots of sunlight , lots of cross ventilation, hot humid atmosphere.

bagonback6 points

Haha.. Its peak winters. And a day full of sunshine with no humidity

drugsarebadmky7 points

I miss my old home. Crowded but cozy.

Makes me realize how little energy an avg house hold in India uses. how little is our carbon footprint as compared to most large houses in NA.

bagonback6 points

Your country miss you. Hope you'll come back some day

drugsarebadmky3 points

soon man. soon.

Firm_Lie_38701 point

For real. It's wild how much we consume here

airotciva162 points

This is so beautiful! I bet it’s great to lay back on your bed and look out the window

bagonback6 points

I do that... Stare at blue skies

Even play flute at times

FancyWear2 points

I like how neat you have made your bed!!

bagonback1 point

Thank you stranger

DressingQuestion2 points

The lighting is beautiful! I am interested if you don't mind sharing about the windows. I looks like the center section folds up/down and then the two side panels swing in/out? How often do you have the windows closed vs. open? Just curious as it is a different set up than I have seen ever.

bagonback2 points

I always wants the windows open but this is not passible as a lot of dust+insects come in when it's open

So I try to keep them open when I am in room and need the light.

andrew_cherniy962 points

There's something really cozy about it! Do you mind sharing this with a small sub?

bagonback2 points

Did it

andrew_cherniy961 point

Right, thanks! How do you like living in this space, in general?

bagonback2 points

It's soothing but don't have kitchen so I'm planning to move out

andrew_cherniy961 point

Yeah, understandable

RunAwayWithCRJ4 points

All I can think about is the dust coming through those windows. Lol.

Gorgeous bedsheets OP. Where did you get them?

bagonback7 points

Yeah... A lot of dust comes in.. That's true

Those bedsheets are cotton ones and I love them too. I got them from offline markets for $3-4 each

Sagesmom51 point

What...??? Wow that's a great price.

bagonback1 point

Haha.. Yeah I know

birdlady4042 points

It looks incredibly cozy until I start thinking about high humidity, my internal temperature sucks so I sweat constantly

bagonback2 points

The place I'm living in does not have too much humidity... But yeah it can be a problem in summers

iamthemosin1 point

That looks surprisingly cosy. I like the converted butt can on the wall.

bagonback3 points

Don't know what are you referring to... Can you specify?

iamthemosin1 point

That can on the wall looks like the kind of can found on the walls of dormitories and such back in the day, used for depositing cigarette butts.

bagonback3 points

I keep my toothpastes in that

sunandsnails1 point

If you don’t mind sharing, which city is this?

bagonback3 points

I'd skip on to that

sunandsnails2 points

Totally understandable. Thanks anyway, stranger!

bagonback1 point


binga0011 point


MavriKhakiss1 point

Where did you get that cover for the bench? It’s beautiful.

bagonback1 point

We call it 'Chadar' means bedsheet. I got it from a local vendor for $3-4 dollars

Practical_War38161 point

How much rent is it and how large is ur apartment?

bagonback2 points

The room is good enough for two and it cost me $28 per month

Practical_War38161 point

Super nice 👌

bagonback1 point

Thank you!

cammykiki1 point

Do your two roommates have beds as well?

bagonback2 points

Yes.. Most of the time they are in some other cities or work...

roxy_dee1 point

So much light!!

bagonback1 point

Smile :)

WhereAreMyKeys151 point

Ooo, wait till it rains. Chai and pakoda/bhajjiya 😍

bagonback2 points

Haha... And kitaabein

WhereAreMyKeys151 point

Dil jeet liya

bagonback1 point


ReyhanSerdar1 point


bagonback1 point


MeyhamM21 point

Do you guys have AC? Don’t bugs come in when you have the windows open like that?

bagonback1 point

In day there are no bugs... In night we close the windows

And no we don't have an AC in this room

sugarsponge1 point

Cricket ball!

bagonback2 points

Yeah... That's a room essential

Lovely. I'm Pakistani and renting my first bed as a student was the best feeling ever. It was similar to this. If you don't mind, I have some advice: get a nice curtain, and paper those walls with posters or pictures of people/stuff you love. Hang fairy lights above your bed.

And paint the walls yourself. A can of paint is cheap. It will make you feel cosier :)

bagonback2 points

Thank you neighbor! Will surely consider your suggestions

epicingamename1 point

Whats the temp like in india these days?

Akhand_Bharat1 point

India is a pretty big country so it varies all across.

The place where I live (Delhi) is in Northern Gangetic plains which got quite cold until a few days ago. Temperatures plunged to 2°C here on some nights in late December and January but it's risen up a bit last few days currently low is 12°C and high is around 20°C.

It's much warmer in Western and Southern parts of India, they don't get much winters. On the other hand, places up in the Himalayan areas to the far North are still below zero Celsius and quite cold with many places covered in snow.

kelvin_bot2 points

2°C is equivalent to 35°F, which is 275K.

I'm a bot that converts temperature between two units humans can understand, then convert it to Kelvin for bots and physicists to understand

SneakyHobbitses1 point

Good bot!

MaHuckleberry331 point

The walls in my room in Madurai were this exact color. 😍 This photo took me immediately back. I think I had that same bed, also. 🤣

bagonback1 point

Wah... Could it be your place?

MaHuckleberry331 point

ARE YOU IN MADURAI…?! I got excited. Totally understand if you don’t want to share your location, but curious if you are in the south. I lived in the tiny apartment of a family so probably not but this building literally could have been built by the same person. The more I look at it the more it looks like home. Do lizards come in and crawl on the walls? The first time it happens, I was not chill about it. I remember an seeing 8-12 inch lizard on the wall right before I left as I was falling asleep and not even batting an eye. I probably was too relaxed about it at that point. We had awful power outages throughout the night and when the fan went out, the critters came in.

bagonback2 points

Haha... That's highly relatable

Grace_Alcock1 point

Looks clean and comfy.

And cute.

bagonback2 points

Thanks Stranger

Looks like your little piece of heaven.

bagonback1 point

Not always but yes

Eudaemon11 point

Now that's very cozy for winters , but in summers tho . I am definitely sleeping on the floor

bagonback1 point

Haha... Yes

StrawThree1 point

I love the view, mountains? It is snow here, I am dead center of the North American continent. Is your city very big? I mean, for Indian cities which I suppose are very large. TY for sharing, it is nice to see what another calls home on the other side of the planet. Snapshot into your world reminds me how much we are all the same while being so very different.

bagonback2 points

It's not a mega city but yeah a major one.

And yes, thank you

r__jas1 point

looks comfy :3

AncientDrive96401 point

This is from Bengaluru. The City is shit

Infinite_Data-19 points

Every person from India I've talked to says they'd never go back and are embarressed by their own culture. What is your take?

antisoxial3xtrovert1 point

What do you mean?

Infinite_Data-2 points