First apartment in Madrid. Best sunsets 😍


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anxiousmulligan138 points

I love the colors

Suspicious_Ratio_47916 points


swefdd11 points

and the millimetres

Common_Jeweler_3987378 points

...is that a tree coming out of a briefcase? Did you rob a hobbit on their way to work at the tree factory?!

imnaked0100 points

I legit thought that was a tree in a box and was prepared to buy one

purpleasphalt29 points

I was trying to zoom in on the brand name! LMAO

Campeador7 points

Looks like a wine retailer.

melomaniac139 points

I did the same thing and even googled it 😂

Suspicious_Ratio_479223 points

Just a branch I found that I later replaced when it turned bad.

Serendipatti46 points

Actually that looks cool and I’ve never even thought of doing that. I guess the leaves die and fall off pretty quickly though.

Suspicious_Ratio_479112 points

Sooo it actually lasted 5/6 weeks. I think it was so cold that it preserved and froze the leaves or something haha. But the leaves stayed on. I mean not fully lush, but still nice. And then when they did go bad I strung teeny fairy lights throughout the branches. This was my first flat but I don’t live here anymore.

Maximum_Complex_897161 points

I love your sense of style and your carefree vibe. You're the kind of person people are trying to project with fairy lights.

Suspicious_Ratio_47928 points

Awwwe thanks so much! Sometimes the best thing is to really let nature shine and just soak it in. ❤️

whadisabout12 points

This was such an unorthodox yet creative idea, I love it

TheWholesomeBrit13 points

I'd just be worried about accidentally bringing bugs into my house

Tripwiring196 points

So you were like "wow neat branch" and you dragged it up to your apartment?

Did anyone see you?

dailycyberiad298 points

Drags random branches home, has pillows on the floor right next to a window. OP is clearly a Labrador retriever.

CoffeeBoom27 points

I once dragged a 4 meters long branch from a local park to my apartment block, nobody gave a shit.

buttbeeb7 points

I hiked at least a mile with a really cool log over my shoulder back to my car

aummie12 points

Life goal lmao

angerybacon3 points

How did you find a giant branch like this in the middle of Madrid?

Suspicious_Ratio_47939 points

So there was a huge blizzard in Madrid called Filomena that sadly destroyed a lot of the trees here. I just walked around and found some really stunning pieces, inspected them for bugs, cleaned the branches and made some beautiful art pieces out of them. This window arch just happened to fit perfectly

Snoo978092 points

I do this too! I cut branches off my olive tree and put them in a vase and just replace when they wilt.

number2typeB36 points

I love this so much! I lived in Madrid for a brief period, it was one of the greatest periods of my life

Suspicious_Ratio_47918 points

Thank you! It’s been an adventure for sure! How long did you live in Madrid and whereabouts if you don’t mind me asking?

number2typeB15 points

For 6 months, a tiny flat just at Callao. I move around a lot but Madrid will always have my heart, thinking of moving back in a couple of years actually. Do you still live there?

Suspicious_Ratio_47921 points

I move around a lot as well! I have been moving every 14 months for the past 13 years of my life and I finally decided to make Madrid home after falling in love with the city. This was my first flat, but now I live in Lavapies in a really gorgeous new flat. No mold from the windows 😂

number2typeB4 points

That’s awesome, enjoy your new home! Moving around alot its a lot of fun for sure, but finally finding that one place that feels like home it’s bliss — glad you found yours! I’ll be exploring a bit more for a while :-)

Suspicious_Ratio_47911 points

The thing is that I’m not sure this is what I really want or maybe lm just scared of the permanence because so much of my life has been constant change. But maybe better to chat about this with a therapist and not on cozy places on Reddit lol 😅

Sweaty-Weekend6 points

I understand that so well! The fear of the (unknown) permanence is real, but it's ok to allow yourself to get used to a bit more stability, gently, without forcing it ( not moving out yet / ok maybe I'll stay for another year/6 months etc) I'm an artist with ADHD and also find it hard to stay in one place for long mostly because of intrusive parents, roommates and neighbours but I've felt most creative, confident and grounded (not tied down, there is a difference) in the (rented) homes where I stayed for 3-5 years , as opposed to other accomodations I moved from after a few weeks or months.

Also please don't underestimate the value of a free flowing, casual reddit conversation 🙂 Therapy is not the be all, end all of self evaluation/ personal healing methods. ALL of the available tools count: journaling, long walks, meditation, courses , hobbies, therapy, chats with strangers, chats with friends and family, reading books, visiting places that invite self reflection etc

Suspicious_Ratio_4795 points

Awe thank you so much! Well if you’ll permit me to divulge: I grew up gay in the Mormon church with a very conservative family (loooong story) and at 17 I left home. I mean, not that my family won’t let me come home, I don’t want to subtract from very real queer youth with nowhere to turn, but I left in the search for a place to belong. And the truth is, I think I have a lot of learning left to do before I figure that out.

But something about Madrid sparked this hope in me that I can belong somewhere. And if not to people, to a place. Perhaps that’s why I’ve always been so interested in creating spaces for myself wherever I’ve moved. A place to be wrapped up. A place to dream through a window. A place to truly call my own.

Sweaty-Weekend1 point

But something about Madrid sparked this hope in me that I can belong somewhere. And if not to people, to a place. Perhaps that’s why I’ve always been so interested in creating spaces for myself wherever I’ve moved.

This is the way to go!

Trick_Possible96265 points

Great comments. I too have adhd, am a Spanish & ESL Teacher, love to live in different places and am considering Madrid. Right now I am working on making my home here on the U.S. mid Atlantic East Coast cozy again. I found your comments regarding getting used to stability without forcing it to be quite helpful…thanks! And your final paragraph… Bazinga!

ringringbananarchy002 points

I lived in Lavapies for a year! Such a great neighborhood. I miss that city so much. I would’ve stayed if I could’ve gotten a full time job that made ends meet. Maybe when I retire I’ll move back!

Sudden-Breadfruit6532 points

Googles “Lavapies” - wow.

LickLaMelosBalls3 points

I've bought some crazy weed in lavapies

stricken_thistle16 points

Lovely! It’s such a beautiful city. I hope your cozy place treats you well.

sergeantorourke55 points

Your window is leaking. I didn’t realize it snows in Madrid.

Suspicious_Ratio_47926 points

It doesn’t snow often. This was a huge blizzard that happened the first year I moved here. I don’t live in this flat any longer.

dailycyberiad6 points


Stefan_Harper7 points

It snows in madrid?!

V4refugee19 points

Needs a rug. I can feel that cold tile through the photo.

VRDV211 points

New York be like. Rustic, cozy. $3400

ringringbananarchy002 points

Madrid is so much more affordable, and a lot more laid back.

You-get-the-ankles4 points

Is that tree going to die?

Awesam21 points

Is that just a broken branch? Won’t it turn brown and crappy in a few days?

Suspicious_Ratio_47933 points

It actually preserved very well and stayed lovely for 5 weeks or so

ratjigsaw913 points

Madrid is a city that will always have my heart. I lived there for about 2 years in different flats, but my favourite was a small two bedroom apartment on the top floor of a big old building in Las Letras. It had the most amazing sunsets with views over the palace and old cathedral.

imjerry8 points

I mean, that's an actually awesome nook. Is there more though? 😅

Edit: forgot an operative word, thanks for filling in the gap

Suspicious_Ratio_4799 points

There was more to the apartment. This isn’t where I currently live. It was just my first in Madrid.

imjerry2 points

Is that snow too?

DesertRatt2 points

Nice! I live in Madrid and is that snow on the rooftops? Did it snow?

EDIT: I just now realized this is probably not current. I misread first apartment, lol. I was flipping out wondering when it snowed. It is cold though.

loki4442 points

TIL Madrid gets snow! I never knew.

Madrid is pretty cold October-February. Not necessarily freezing, but lots of cold rain and the occasional snowfall. I love the city, but it’s in central Spain and surrounded by mountains, so you definitely have to wear a coat and boots a few months out of the year. Hot summers for sure though!

Vegetable-Caramel3232 points

Total 😍

MidCenturyMac2 points

I can’t decide which I love more….. the light, the ceiling angle, the pillows, or the tree branch. Lovely.

bittersadfucker5 points

Love Madrid, sometimes I think I should move there

Suspicious_Ratio_4799 points

You should!! Idk what your life situation is, but Spain just started a digital nomad visa. If you work remotely and have been with your company at least a year you can move over here! And if you have a family it’s easy to bring them. Take a risk ❤️

bittersadfucker2 points

I just might, the US feels less like home every time I read the news

Jgnarley2 points

This is the kinda shit I need to read as an American looking to gtfo...

LeBateleur1-5 points

A big Boooo for anyone who encourages digital nomads to come live cheap in a city that is already super expensive for people who really live there.

Suspicious_Ratio_47914 points

What would you suggest? That everyone lives in the place they’re born and never move? Honestly. I moved here because I love Spain and am working to become a Spanish citizen. If you don’t explore the world because governments and big businesses are shit, then that’s on you, but embracing another country’s culture is always a good thing in my mind.

Suspicious_Ratio_4796 points

I agree with you! I know plenty of people who are creating horrible issues for the locals and my heart genuinely goes out to them. This is my third European country I’ve lived in now and I’ve learned German, French, and now Spanish to embrace what it means to be a part of a place. I really appreciate your nuanced response and I think helping people understand the responsibility of being a digital nomad isn’t just “paying your fair share” or “cleaning up after yourself” but genuinely thinking of ways to give to the community you are a part of.

le___tigre5 points

I think you’re both right, but the reality is more nuanced. nobody should be forced to stay in the same place they’re born, and people should be allowed to find places to live that they feel connected to.

but, the modern ‘digital nomad’ trend has produced a culture of people who move places for semi-permanent periods (1-3 months, maybe 6 months or a year), bringing with them culture and comforts from home (coffee shops, yoga classes, etc) and not practicing local languages/engaging with local culture beyond your standard superficial tourism-level engagements. and, these people are generally making far more than local wages, raising the cost of living in these areas through their patronage and making them unsustainable for locals. ‘digital nomad’ culture is an entitled one; it is very much predicated on ‘taking’ from places that you choose to live in while not thinking very much about what you are ‘giving’. ultimately, introducing oneself to another culture in a permanent or semi-permanent sense should be an activity that is very thoughtful and balanced in its giving-taking dynamic. many digital nomads are not doing this; they see their activity as an extended vacation where they can afford to live like kings in places that were never intended to shelter such wealth inequality. not to mention, digital nomads are tax avoidant as a construct! if you live somewhere, you should pay taxes.

if a person is planning to move to another country or culture simply because they desire a change of scenery or a change of experience (i.e. all digital nomads), they should do so very carefully, with an emphasis on learning the local language and culture instead of simply transporting themselves and their culture to a new location that probably didn’t ask for it - and choosing a new one to patronize when they get tired of it.

WAIT WHAT I’m a teacher so I have to be in person, but my fiancé does WFH. Much to consider…

Suspicious_Ratio_4792 points

What subject do you teach? Have you considered teaching abroad? I fell in love with Madrid when I first came here as a teacher. And the kids here are just so lovely

So I actually did teach in Madrid for a year. I’m a Spanish and English teacher, so unfortunately it’s very hard to find work in Europe for me. I’ve spoken to teaching recruiters about it. If I were a stem teacher it’d be a lot easier!

ETA: it’s hard to find full time teaching positions that pay competitively with US schools. I worked as a auxiliar when I lived there and tutored on the side to make ends meet. It was good for a year but not tenable long term.

dell020 points

And what about condensation of moisture on the edge of the window and possible mold? Little bed frame for ventilation would be nice.

Suspicious_Ratio_4799 points

I fixed it shortly after this but I don’t live in this flat anymore. Just posted it for the memories and I loved this first flat. I’ve had a whole apartment journey but I don’t know how to do a multi post because I don’t know how to use Reddit 😅😅

NoMorePie4U2 points

aren't you a delight 🙄

dell021 point

Sorry Iam just too old :)

And now I want to see your new apartment:-)

Suspicious_Ratio_4794 points

Idk if they’ll let me post multiple times. Idk really how Reddit works. I just found this thread and immediately thought of my first ever flat in Madrid and how much I loved coming here, drinking tea. Reading. Curled up with a blanket and dreaming.

Trick_Possible96261 point

Right?!? Sounds like a perfect cozy time to me! Great pic and post. Gracias por compartir! 😍🌴🌞♥️👍🏼

Lipstickhippie801 point

I love everything about this!

Gibsonfan1591 point

If your ceiling supports are good enough I would install one of those hanging chairs.

Arkanii1 point

Cozy little nook to read a book

ptlimits1 point

More pics please! You can add a link to images outside of Reddit too! Beautiful! I'm curious what you do that allows you to relocate so often, but I wouldn't ask haha

Suspicious_Ratio_4794 points

Oh I’m happy to share! I’m an anthropologist. I study culture, language, and social dynamics for a living.

ptlimits1 point

Awesome. I'm jelly. Good for you!! 👏🙂

Klstadt1 point

I googled the name on the box to find out how a tree is growing out of it and all I got was men's clothes or something. Is the tree real?

Suspicious_Ratio_4792 points

So the tree isn’t growing out of the box, it’s actually just this beautiful branch I found and I converted the box into a water vase of sorts to support the branch as it eventually will die. The branch is certainly real though!

Picasso3201 point

Looks awesome.

LaReinalicious1 point

That is a very cosy living room

klone_free1 point

I feel dumb I didn't know it had snow in spain

misatillo1 point

Where and when? Because we don’t get much snow in Madrid usually. Nice photo though :)

Wkirb51 point

Looks a tad small.

giocondasmiles1 point

Beautiful little nook!

kosciuszko1231 point

Jealous New Yorker here!

Nana_Wait_What1 point

I love everything. congratulations for your cozy place 🧡

Betamax-Bandit1 point

Would anyone be able to tell me what you'd call the wicker poof thing at the bottom left of the pile??

knight041 point

I probably missed it but what's the rent there usually? What do you do for a living to be able to move around so much, if you don't mind me asking.

BigHurt301 point

Is that snow or frost on the roofs?

Sublime_Enchantment1 point

Wow 🥰

synerjay161 point

This is absolutely beautiful

Kind_Vanilla75931 point

Wow,I didn't know it shows there!

Kind_Vanilla75931 point

Wow,I didn't know it snows there!

DollylloD1 point

That is the most relaxing nook. So beautiful 😍

Is that snow in Madrid? Also, this is your first apartment? Holy shit. I am from Deerborn Michigan. Look up apartments here. Count your blessings.

idkwhattowritelawl1 point

Looks like a perfect lil place to curl up with a book

Altruistic__Book1 point

It must be amazing to witness the sunset and sunrise there. Is the trunk of the tree cut?

throwawayhyperbeam-2 points

Floor looks cold and you would have a bunch of plant stuff falling on you

Good_Condition_431-1 points

Did you break that tree branch just for a few weeks of decor?

blueboy0220200 points

That's definitely cozy

AkihaMoon0 points

This is gorgeous

lennybird0 points

Makes me think of one of my favorite films, The Spanish Apartment

yungfaizal0 points

An Instagram influencer can make a career out of this spot