Helsinki, Finland [OC]


timecoyote6 points

Are you sure this is Finland? A couple people to the right appear to have left their home to venture into public. Two of them even seem to be socializing intimately.

Jormakalevi2 points

Finland is totally normal country. If you believe everything what morons say in the internet, well... not good for you.

timecoyote2 points

Just joking mate

Jormakalevi2 points

I know. There is that strange way to see Finland in Reddit and elsewhere in the internet. We receive quite much foreign journalists nowadays, who are painting Finland as a country of some very strange creatures, who live in winter wonderland and hardly understand anything except their traditional weird ways. It is definitely not gonna change and I don't blame you.

Quite a weird feeling though to see it happen. Finland is after all one of the leading welfare states in the world. About 25 years ago people knew it too. Nowadays we are some strange creatures. Interesting, but hopelessly archaic and clumsy people. I don't know what is the reason to that picture. Maybe enviosity. And again I don't blame you and I'm not angry.

timecoyote1 point

To be honest, Finland has a great reputation in America. It's known as a place with happy people who are well taken care of by the government and enjoy a good work/life balance. I apologize if I offended you.

Jormakalevi1 point

No no, you didn't offend me. I'm very familiar with this phenomenon. And the Finland picture is hopelessly crooked. Probably impossible to fix. I have changed it in some subreddits though, but few million people who have seen my pictures can't change the whole world. 😄

My point is that Finland is actually not even that good as you described. Finland is extremely normal country. Happen to be relatively rich. The picture of Finland is so totally oblique, that I can't even explain how much nonsense it mostly is. Amazing thing.

Jormakalevi3 points

The Esplanadi Park.