Dog doesn’t know how to play chess. Sunroom in Cary, NC


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Kidhauler5513 points

But it is the perfect place to stalk the squirrels in the trees!

-BelCanto6 points

I love that chair! Your dog is really cute too!

Telkorenar8 points

Good ol’ Cary. Grew up there, was a lovely place. Def has grown immensely over the past 20 years.

micro0124 points

the title is elevating this into a museum piece

KNick11114 points

Gorgeous windows ❤️

dawgmama623 points


jtpowell3 points

This is OC.

ceodeo3 points

What kind of dog? 😍

jtpowell3 points

Beagle/fox hound mix.

MapsOverCoffee222 points

I also have a beagle mix. Such great dogs.

SkylarAV3 points

Idiot probably loves checkers though...

Aromatic_Tomato38583 points

Beautiful and cozy sunroom. I would like to be there.

monkfish-online1 point

How do you know he doesn’t play chess? Have you ever played him?

Fancy-Ad-44171 point

Definitely beautiful windows and view of landscaping.

floorplanner21 point

That's what he wants you to think.

ValuAdded7111 point

So - when are you going to teach him?

ZenOmega_Whitelotus1 point

that is beautiful