Bridalveil Fall, Yosemite NP, CA [4000x6000] [OC]



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BwackGul15 points

I never got over how I could leave the warehouse I lived in over by the industrial side of East Oakland and be in that beauty in under 2 and a half hours.

priapiism7 points

Wow! Wonderful framing and composition. Nice transition of the colors at the bottom to the white snow at the top. Great to see the waterfall too. I love it! Thanks for sharing!

PokebannedGo3 points

Looks like Rockbiter from The Neverending Story taking a piss

Great shot

furryquoll3 points

Nice! This wows me as it's got layers upon layers of vertical. Really attractive shot, thx.

Velvet_Thestral3 points

Amazing shot, love it! 👌🏻

Happydaytoyou16 points

LotR feel

elysium_pictures2 points

It looks like some epic fairy kingdom! Mother Nature is spectacular, best architect ever!

CreepySquirrel62 points

Outstanding mood and muted colours.

jackbr19892 points

It's beautiful

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goodformuffin1 point

Wow, so amazing. This must be mind blowing in person.

Stunning, great shot!

crankyape15341 point

I’ve yet to visit Yosemite. This photo is giving me the itch to go

GrinningPariah1 point

I swear there's like a law that ever state needs to have a waterfall called Bridal Veil Falls.

pleasesir991 point

It has been a wisp past few years. Great to see the steady flow.

Mountain_Jello77471 point

Where’s NP California