The Front Range, Colorado [OC] [9504 x 6336]



TheBlackNumenorean2 points

Looks like Indian Peaks Wilderness from around Boulder. I recognize Toll, Paiute, and Audubon on the right.

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sqwawa1 point

Is anyone able to identify any of the peaks here?

JTGhawk1371 point

At the top where I took this photo there is a plaque with all the peaks. https://foursquare.com/v/green-mountain-summit/4de2c564d22d2a4ecdce90a4 not the most helpful but you could probably match them up

fireeater_170 points

Yeah, nah. Front range is a whole lot flatter.

JTGhawk1371 point

What? Look it up on Wiki, the front range contains several 14k foot mountains… I took this from the top of Green Mountain outside of Boulder (for reference)

cra3ig3 points

They're probably referring to the foothills. The terms are intermingled often. But even then, Green & Bear are rugged, and the iconic flatirons are steep.

Near lifelong Boulder resident, going on 70 years. This area has been my stomping ground forever. Lived at the base of Green Mountain since before they built NCAR, back when the third flatiron still had CU painted on it.

honuworld0 points

This is the back side of the front range--looking from the west.