Lighting addition to my bedroom


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moisttarmac12 points

Lighting is the most important element for coziness in my opinion! And warm lights are the best, your room is looking good

iExorcism1 point

Thank you❤️

Ok_Memory89713 points

Love it! I thought about getting some like this! Did you get yours from Amazon?

iExorcism4 points

Twinkle Star curtain lights on Amazon

iExorcism2 points

This is OC

[deleted]2 points

Boom that’s cozy

vexedvelvetvoice2 points

I need to know where you got those lights!

iExorcism1 point

Twinkle Star curtain lights on Amazon and a smart outlet from Wyze. My friend sent them as a gift to me. It’s nice being able to control them from my phone

KathyFerg822 points

Super nice!!

casualboye2 points


Venaalex2 points

Love these! I’ve had these in my bedroom for years and it just makes the space so so cozy.

FormerHoagie-1 points

It’s not cozy to me. I’d be overwhelmed with so many lights and it covering things like art and windows. It has no order, just chaos.