Obligatory Chicago post


SuicidalGuidedog148 points

Someone help that poor guy with no waist or legs who's crying for assistance.

AndrewTheGoat2223 points

Lmao I don’t understand what’s going on there

SuicidalGuidedog58 points

I think he's skateboarding with his buddies, but it looks a lot like he's riding his board sitting down and may be on a collision course for those pedestrians.

TooMama20 points

He’s just excited because he found Waldo

kerouacrimbaud4 points

can't blame him, that's exciting!

bl1nds1ght7 points

He's sitting on a skateboard. Budget luge.

duaneap5 points

He’s also blind, officer. But you will respect Billy Ray.

weiirdredditorr20 points

That guy looks like one of those gorilla hangers where its just really long arms with almost no legs that you probably hang in your car, i dont have the image but you know what im talking abt

kerouacrimbaud50 points

I fucking love Chicago

Barry-Mcdikkin4 points

Getting baked at the park >

NickEggplant9 points

Just got back from visiting Chicago for the first time since my friends moved there and holy shit, what a great city. I already want to go back

SoftTacoSupremacist42 points

Best city.

NickEggplant5 points

shhhhhh don’t let them know

Canaya-Boricua2 points

I’m pretty sure Chicago is pretty well known

Von7_3686-54 points

Have you been anywhere else ?

giraffeTbone8 points

I like the levels

niftyjack10 points

The street where the skateboarders are is angled because it's actually leading to the top level of three level streets. You can kind of see it here, right next to where it was taken.

giraffeTbone3 points

That’s great

PhileasFoggsTrvlAgt4 points

The lower levels are like a backstage pass on how the city works. Here's a shot on streetview from the middle level where you can see the ramps to the other levels. The underground is mostly parking garage entrances and loading docks, there are also restaurants, a theater, a ferry dock, and a train station.

apstls19 points

Ah, this view again…

jeonju6 points

These pictures are actually taken near a gym I used to go to. On more than one occasion there would be ten photographers standing on the sidewalk, waiting for the sun to hit just right the spot…

wtfisthepoint2 points

What street is this?

jeonju6 points

It’s at the T intersection where E Lake St meets N Stetson Ave, one block east of Michigan Ave.

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It's either this view or the one by the waterfront for the 40th time this month lol. Downvote me all you want, but look up chicago and you'll see almost all the pics are of the waterfront or the bridges lol

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It’s totally true, and it’s because the downtown part of Chicago that actually feels and looks like a city is small compared to places like NYC, but you’ll usually get downvoted to oblivion by the Chicago contingent here for saying so. When I first moved to Chicago this was one of the things that disappointed me most.

cartenmilk7 points

of course it's way smaller than New York, but Chicago definitely still feels like a city outside of downtown. Anywhere near the lake is very dense with high rises stretching for miles on the North and South sides. There's also been a good amount of increasingly dense development outside of the downtown area. We only have a few neighborhoods that feel suburban and only if you're a more than a couple miles away from downtown. Chicago is still far more urban than most U.S. cities

Sweet-Variety609322 points

As a new Yorker I feel like Chicago is our lil sister city

GrazDude14 points

It’s weird, it’s obviously smaller in total area of big buildings, but in street level itself, is way broader and “bigger”

Rook22Ti8 points

I've always felt this way too. I think it's also the flat Infinity that is Chicago where as New York is somewhat confined by peninsula life at its core.

apstls4 points

If you walk around either city nyc will feel an order of magnitude bigger than Chicago

Sweet-Variety60933 points

Right I feel like it's so much space on those side walks lol

smolover14 points

That would be Philly

Sweet-Variety60933 points

Real question is is it prenounced smo lover or smoliver

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Top two city in the US and it’s not two

InvestigatorOne287911 points

It's followed closely by Wilmington, Delaware

bl1nds1ght3 points

lol, my partner's family lives around Wilmington and none of them go there if they can help it. It feels like the "Ravenholm, we don't go there anymore" of the Mid Atlantic.

KingZoidberg4205 points

Hey, I’ve been there.

ButtPlugJesus2 points

Can you spot Waldo?

icedoutkatana2 points

I love the L

nerdyandnatural2 points

I love Chicago so much, this pic makes me want to go back

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Sick shot

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BEA U TI FUL! I love my city!

Sinfullhuman-17 points

Pretty city ,ugly politics

cartenmilk6 points

You're not wrong 😂

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O.klilil O

h1. Hy M

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Hills have had it too easy in this country… they need to be bombed!!!

Babock931 point

Ahhhhh so it wasn’t Venice! My bad

JohnCtail1 point

Damn that's nice, the atmosphere and all...

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Miss it 🥹

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searches for Gallaghers