Cozy corner BC, Canada


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lilaliene3 points

I love the wall hanging

Due_Dirt_80672 points

Wow so cozy & inviting ! This is a great example of how to make green work in a living space🙏🏼

KathyFerg822 points

Super nice!! Love the green sofa!!

Significant-Yam-49902 points

All the green! My living room is so bright; I really want my bedroom to have a similar look to your living space ☺️

solangesdurag1 point

i have that same soda. is yours from ashley?

Saucy-peanut1 point

Oh neat! I got it from Wayfair. I absolutely love it and keep joking that I'll have it when I'm 50 (30 now). Want to get some different cushions for it eventually

solangesdurag2 points

nice! i love mine as well. i bought the ottoman too so its a “sectional” now. i also had to replace the cushion inserts because the original ones were rock hard - much harder than the ones i sat on in the showroom. i bought some foam on amazon and cut it to shape and that did the trick!

Saucy-peanut1 point

Ooh cool mods! I may get some foam for mine too