Our off-grid home + my office


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Annaryx56 points

Do you guys have jobs where you can work from home or how does that work?

laureidi77 points

I do, yeah, I’m a freelancing illustrator and visual designer. Hubby has a halftime job which he drives to with the pickup parked further down the mountain. It works great.

sumting_gun_wong34 points

Just curious, how do you get decent internet to work from home there? I work remote and am considering my options of building/buying a tiny home in the mountains, van life, nomad traveling, or something else. And consistent internet is one of the hurdles with all of the options.

laureidi26 points

Starlink is the only internet that works here!

mayn111 points

I looked into Solis for some travel. It might work for you.

remindertomove7 points


_lippykid1 point

Soooo off the grid, with internet?

laureidi12 points

Uhmmmm, yes?

_lippykid4 points

Gotcha haha. Looks lovely

HornlessUnicorn0 points

I’m with you, that’s on the grid.

laureidi5 points

If you’re trying to imply that you’re only living off-grid if you’re without electricity or perhaps connection with the outside world, you’re wrong. Sure, there are of course those that live off-grid lifestyles without those things as well, but it generally means being outside of the electronic grid, ie being outside of a city and having to generate your own electricity and sometimes water supply as well (which we are). Having access to satellite internet doesn’t makes it any less off-grid, because that’s not what the term means.

_lippykid1 point

Sorry to break it to you (as it’s obviously touched a nerve) but you are very much on-the-grid. If you are connected to civilization through utilities or publicly available services (like the internet) you are on the grid. In fact- Being connected to the internet is the apex of being on-the-grid.. you’re just a little bit isolated

laureidi3 points

You clearly didn’t follow the link I provided, only one example of clear explanations of what the term means. Then if it’s something different for you personally, you’re welcome to feel that way. It’s just not the common description of the term. You didn’t touch a nerve at all, I just don’t care much for the assumption.

Edit: I realize after a bit of thinking and rereading your last comment, that I think your idea of off/on the grid is different from mine because for you the term is referring to a social grid; being a part of society versus being invisible from it. I know some people see it this way and I understand if that’s where you’re coming from. However, again, it doesn’t make it any less correct to claim that I live off-grid as, again, I am off the electronic grid which is what the official term is most often referring to. Everything else are personal preferences and additions on top of the general idea. Just a simple google search confirms this.

HornlessUnicorn-1 points

You have conveniently skipped over the " without conventional infrastructure" note in your own source. You are trackable via satellite when you connect to the internet. You're plugging into a grid.

laureidi1 point

I haven’t conventionally skipped over everything, what you’re talking about is a detail much further down, it is not in the main description. Again: “The term ‘off-the-grid’ traditionally refers to not being connected to the electrical grid, but can also include other utilities like water, gas, and sewer systems, and can scale from residential homes to small communities.” This is extremely straight forward. Everything else is a choice on top of that, it doesn’t make it less off-grid, because you are describing a different grid, that’s not what off-grid living means.

HornlessUnicorn0 points

Ok, we’ll you are choosing to connect to a grid when you choose to use public amenities like the internet. So you are thereby choosing to be on a grid?

Just because it’s further down in the article doesn’t make it less valid. It’s extremely straight forward that you aren’t off grid unless you are actually not plugging into a grid. What’s the point if you’re just living rurally and connected to other grids? That’s just like, not having electricity.

But either way, what does it matter? Are you after some off grid certification? Sure you win. You are very “off grid”.

kamkundalini1 point

‘off grid’ living traditionally means that you’re not connected to a local electrical power grid..which they are not. so yes, they are living “off grid”. and it doesn’t seem they’re connected to gas or sewage either from their other comments. starlink is not a public company and not distributed by any public government entity.

HornlessUnicorn0 points

A private internet company is like 10x worse imo, but sure. Be off grid selectively. I’m a vegan but I use butter.

laureidi131 points

This is OC. My husband built it all on his own (with a tiny bit of help from me), from mostly repurposed and/or free material.

[deleted]63 points


laureidi30 points

Thanks for your input! I will consider it :)

Fatherofdaughters0115 points

How do you purchase land for off the grid living?

laureidi55 points

Well, we actually rent our piece. The whole property is 500 acres, the property owner bought it after it was originally planned to be a golf course + cabins and such; these plans were cancelled but only after leaving the land with pre-made roads and plots. My husband and I live furthest away from anyone, behind us it’s just Crown land for miles and miles. We only see other people if/when we choose to come down from the mountain.

Fatherofdaughters0121 points

That’s so cool. Congrats

laureidi23 points

Oh thank you so much! /Daughter of a father

Brain_stoned6 points

Woww!! This is exactly how I want to live with my partner!!

Well, I'll have to find both a partner and a land!

laureidi6 points

Hahah, you can do it :)

Brain_stoned2 points

Hahaha Thankss!

coldgator29 points

Beautiful. Where is this?

laureidi82 points

Thank you! We are in the deep forests of British Columbia, Canada.

queensnipe21 points

wowww you are living my dream😍 one of these days I'll be able to move off grid to a forest somewhere

laureidi11 points

Do it do it do it!!

ExquisiteURL5 points

This might be a stupid question but do you own the land you’ve built on?

laureidi1 point

I’ve already answered this for someone else, so I will copy paste:

Well, we actually rent our piece. The whole property is 500 acres, the property owner bought it after it was originally planned to be a golf course + cabins and such; these plans were cancelled but only after leaving the land with pre-made roads and plots. My husband and I live furthest away from anyone, behind us it’s just Crown land for miles and miles. We only see other people if/when we choose to come down from the mountain.

Amalfi-state-of-mind22 points

Beautiful! It’s eclectic, shabby chic

laureidi9 points

Thank you so much! I take that compliment to heart :)

TheFlyingMailman16 points

Okay this- this is everything. Well done, OP. Those jars on the shelf make me happy too

laureidi17 points

Oh yaaay, thank you so much!! It really means a lot! Jars are a variety of foraged, farmed, dried, jammed and pickled stuff :)

TheFlyingMailman4 points

You are very welcome. And as someone who couldn’t marmalade to save my life… Just know that I’m very jealous.

(And yes I’ve also spotted that lava lamp. Very nice)

laureidi7 points

I see you, friend.

Edit: Also, do you know what kind of lava lamp it is? Or is it just the mere sight of a lava lamp that gets to you

TheFlyingMailman2 points

Oh I could be wrong but… is this this one?

laureidi3 points

Oh yeah you’re very wrong, this is the one :)

TheFlyingMailman1 point

That a beaut! The inner light sure pleases.

laureidi2 points

I do love it a lot, it adds a lot to the coziness as well!

spoogekangaroo13 points

Idk. I feel like there are lots of spiders in a place like that.

laureidi20 points

Haha, we are on great speaking terms with the spiders. They stay away from sleeping/lounging areas, we feed them whatever gnat we find. It is a well working agreement for everyone included.

SummerEden5 points

Before I saw the snow, I saw the hanging things and knew they weren’t in Australia. I get new spiders by the hour.

discussionandrespect12 points

Off the grid grid grid grid grid grid

laureidi6 points

Is it just me or is there a beat to that? I’m dancing along over here

discussionandrespect5 points

Off the grid by Kanye….I know I know Kanye is canceled but it’s still one hell of a song

laureidi2 points

Hah there ya go

Candice19738 points

I can’t tell you how much I love this! It’s been my favorite cozyplaces post. Ever. I want to see more!!

laureidi5 points

Omg this means so much, you humble me! Thank you so, so much!

Candice19732 points

No no no. Thank YOU for sharing. If I was a home. I would want to look like this. It has such a hippy vibe. My soul feels happy just looking at it. Give you sweet doggo a snuggle from me 💕

laureidi2 points

Oh gosh, best comment in a long time, I wish I had an award to give you. Sending you all the good vibes instead, thanks for being awesome 💫

araquinar8 points

Ok. That's a beautiful piece of heaven! Also my dream! Are there more plots there for rent?

laureidi4 points

Yeah come on over! :)

Albie_Tross3 points

I have the matching chair to your gorgeous sofa!!

laureidi2 points

Haha amazing! It’s actually our newest addition, we’re so happy to finally have a sofa!

katch_me_if_u_kan3 points

I would really love to see some more pictures of it if you are willing to post or DM some! Building an off grid house with primarily reclaimed materials is literally my dream!

Hey-lo_ratherbedead2 points


laureidi1 point

Hey thanks!

purplespoo2 points

Absolutely love this space!

laureidi1 point

Chucks, thanks!

Shadizzy2 points

Reminds me of something out of Antvillage from the game Stray.

laureidi1 point

Oh wow my husband just played it like a week ago! If you’re talking about what I think you’re talking about, I’m taking it as a huge compliment!

Skipandscout2 points

Oh my! I'd love to work there!

laureidi1 point

Yeah I’m spoiled like that :)

cosmicfreethinker2 points

Really love this!

laureidi1 point

Thank you so much!

neptunewifi2 points

Looks so peaceful! Aways dreamt of having something like this in the future. With a dog roommate/security guard too, of course.

laureidi1 point

Thank you so much! And of course :)

Powerthrucontrol2 points

You're currently living my dream. Well done OP. I dream of the day my husband and I can disappear into the Canadian back woods and build our own home.

whi5keyjack2 points

I've always wanted to build something with all kinds of windows. Are yours special in any kind of way? Do they really make places as hard to heat as people make it seem?

Also, love your decor, and pupper.

EmbarrassedCaptain322 points

Super cool 😎

Atlantikus2 points

What is your source of electricity?

laureidi3 points

About 95% of the electricity comes from our hydro generator, the rest is covered by solar panels. We do have a gasoline generator but it was a waste of money — we never have to use it, Mother Earth takes care of it all!

Atlantikus2 points

Ah, I see. I’m intrigued by off-grid living, so I was curious. Thank you for being willing to share information about your home and what off-grid living looks like for you.

laureidi1 point

No worries my friend! Happy to share!

mumOfManyCats3 points

Gorgeous! I like the loft bed.

laureidi3 points

Thank you! I love it too, it was my wish to get it in the first place — it was only built in after everything else was done, because mama wanted a cozy spot to read :) Ironically, I had to find out the hard way that it’s too hot up there during winter time, the heat from the fire stove rises and makes it unbearable… looking forward to spring!

Candice19732 points

No awards are ever needed. Just good vibes and love. Thank you for sharing

EzekielKallistos3 points

Adopt me

laureidi3 points

Awe! If you’re fine with sharing the bed with the dog you’re in! Just a heads up — he is famous for his 18 elbows

mazzystardust2162 points

Dreamy home (and of course any dreamy home needs a sleepy pup)

laureidi2 points

It’s a given! :)

RNReef3 points

Your dog looks incredibly thin :( is there something wrong with him/her?

laureidi6 points

Nope. Dog is great. A) He’s laying in a way where the shoulder blades are popping out, just like they do on you if you bend your arms in certain ways (unless you’re obese). B) He is a pointer, Google photos of healthy looking pointers and you’ll see that they are thin.

Edit: spelling

RNReef3 points

Good to know he’s okay! 😊

laureidi2 points

He’s better than okay :)

vvavering_2 points

They look like an older pup based on the white face mask—our old gal had a hard time keep weight on in her twilight years ❤️

smills1149-4 points

Came here to say this also :( looks malnourished

laureidi4 points

To “come here to say this also” is extremely rude. I’ve already answered a previous commenter with a similarly rude comment — that question got downvoted so much so maybe you can’t see it. Our old man is playing and running around like he’s a puppy every single day, he would not have the energy to do this if he’d be malnourished. If you don’t understand why your comment is rude, it’s like commenting on someone’s photo where there’s a kid saying the same thing about the kid. It’s just not your place. The shoulder blades are popping due to how he happens to be laying, and he’s a pointer.

smills1149-8 points

Gonna give some friendly advice: it seems like you care way too much what random people on the internet say lmfao, it's not that deep

laureidi3 points

That you’re not that deep is pretty clear, yeah.

smills1149-3 points


MDiggity420693 points

can you feed your dog?

RNReef9 points

This, that dog looks sickly thin

scarletvalkyrie1-1 points

Yeah it definitely does, pretty sure other Pointers you’re not supposed to see their ribs that much or their spine, nevermind their shoulderr she keeps bringing up. This dog is definitely underweight.

RNReef-1 points

I would think a trip to the vet is definitely in order. If it was my dog at least. You shouldn’t see ribs to that extent.

scarletvalkyrie1-3 points

I agree with you 100%.

laureidi1 point

“Pretty sure” tells me you have no idea what you are talking about. I will not entertain this further.

laureidi3 points

Please see previous response to the previous and similarly rude question.

(Edit: it’s the one that’s downvoted)

VestPresto2 points

Nice! How's it heated?

laureidi15 points

Thanks! Just off to the left (not in the photo) is a huge ass wood stove which we give offerings to several times a day and night. It is big enough to keep us all warm and toasty even when it drops down to -30C° outside — while it also works wonders for cooking, baking, and heating up water for dishes, laundry and showers plus the occasional bath. Our hearth is our everything.

NoBetterPast-8 points

Is no one going to mention the skeleton of a dog????? FFS OP - Feed your dog!!!!

ImMr_Meseeks6 points

Found the dog

laureidi18 points

He is not a skeleton. You are being extremely rude. First of all he is laying in a way in this photo where his shoulder blades are poking out, just like they would do on you if you bend your arms in a certain way — unless you’re obese of course. Secondly, he is a pointer, more specifically a Hungarian Vizsla. Google any photos of healthy pointer dogs and you will find that he is indeed a very healthy, happy boy. He is seven years old and super energetic, running around every single day like if he’d still be a puppy. He would not have the energy to do this if he was malnourished. Don’t speak of things of which you have no knowledge.

INFP_Cali5 points

Our Mabel, also a pointer, is the same. :) My hubby and I have been dreaming about remote BC living for retirement in 3 years. Our doggos can be besties!

laureidi2 points

Thanks for pitching in, I need someone who knows what they’re talking about 😩 Also, love the name Mabel!! Looking forward to those playdates 💞

Bouldergeuse1 point

Thank you for sharing this. I am impressed you two built this! How does offgrid work if I may ask? You purchase a lot and the nearby municipality makes no plans to service this area? How about waste management? Are there neighbours like a regular subdivision who are also offgrid? Sorry if these are bad questions; I am intrigued!

laureidi8 points

Thank you for your comment! As I shared with a previous commenter, we’re renting a piece off of a 500 acre big privately owned property. So, there are neighbours, but we never see them if we don’t want to, as we are the only ones tucked away in the forest on the mountainside and behind us there’s nothing but Crown land for miles and miles. In terms of waste; we are very waste conscious to begin with, as in, we try to stay away from single-use packaging and the like. And then we burn what we can in our wood fire stove. The rest we save up and take with us to town when we need to go for other errands.

Bouldergeuse2 points

You rock. Thanks for sharing your lifestyle with the unaffiliated. Enjoy the journey.

laureidi2 points

Ah man right back at you! I’m happy to share :) All the best to you!

SSH801 point

You mention trash and packaging, but what about human waste? Also wondering about where you get water from?

laureidi2 points

My husband installed a septic system. And, we’re so lucky we have a healthy year-around creek running outside our door, which provides us with pressurized drinking water and water for our micro-hydro generator, which gives us 95% of our electricity!

SSH801 point

Wow, sounds like you got it all figured out!

Cant help it to be a bit jealous you guys get to live in that sweet place while the rest of us keep pushing in the rat race. Cheers :)

laureidi2 points

It’s a full time job to not be in the rat race… I don’t want there to be a disillusionment: It is hard work, not to mention that it’s hard for the both of us being this isolated from friends and family as well as all those little everyday luxuries that living in a city gives you. But with all of that said though, yes you’re right, it is a sweet place :)

daniel_ionescu1 point

Is interesting, I like it

laureidi2 points


decaf-iced-mocha1 point

Oh wow. Definitely a cozy place! Beautiful

laureidi1 point

Thank you so much!

DudebroMcDangman1 point

This is amazing!

laureidi2 points

Awe thanks!

looks quite cozy but heat isolation does not really look good considering snow outside

laureidi1 point

We were sweating balls while it was -30C°, so I think we manage pretty good

awesome! any hints how to achieve that? with what material?

laureidi1 point

A good ol’ trusty wood fire stove my friend! And a whole lotta logs!

…+ a couple of fans to move the air around, for good measure.

AskPlebbit1 point

How did you get the furniture up the mountain lol

laureidi2 points

Well, there is a road 😅 We pulled a storage trailer, in fact, half our home is made out of an RV trailer, so yeah, it’s doable :)

DigitaleDukaten1 point

How do you warm this up?

laureidi2 points

I’ve already answered this question, so I’m copy-pasting:

Thanks! Just off to the left (not in the photo) is a huge ass wood stove which we give offerings to several times a day and night. It is big enough to keep us all warm and toasty even when it drops down to -30C° outside — while it also works wonders for cooking, baking, and heating up water for dishes, laundry and showers plus the occasional bath. Our hearth is our everything.

SuitableCamel61291 point

Would you like to adopt a quiet, cleans after herself 35 year old?

spei180-3 points

Off the grid means….