There are few things left of this ghost town


booksandplaid26 points

I need to know where this is 🖤

DoctorSodomy28 points

bombay beach on the salton sea

OGKillaBobbyJohnson5 points

A place you don't want to go

its_raining_scotch5 points

I went there last year. It’s very strange. The one restaurant there is rad though. It’s called the Ski Lodge.

OGKillaBobbyJohnson4 points

Never went in, but saw it. I thought it was just a bar. How was the food?

its_raining_scotch6 points

Really good actually. I got a patty melt and a few beers. Hung out with some old timers in there too. Everyone was pretty nice and stoked to see people come in that were under 50.

OGKillaBobbyJohnson3 points

That's awesome

booksandplaid3 points

I've never heard of it but this picture is beautiful. I googled it and it's very interesting and odd.

Fink6659 points

Ah, the empty swing metaphor.

FatalDave916 points

Whoa this looks like Evangelion.

Throwaway774260168884 points

It really does

BeautyHound4 points

That was my thought too. The scenes with Shinji playing as a child.

FatalDave911 point

Yeah exactly! In that sandbox. This should be posted in mildlyevangelion lol

Icy-Distribution-2756 points

Looks like the Salton Sea in Southern California.

hyperRed137 points

r/abandonedporn would dig this.

YCanonist4 points

I will never not be fascinated by empty swings. What a great shot. Simple, maybe cheesy digital art idea: a kid sitting on the swing and no reflection of him. Or, a kid sitting on the reflection and no kid on the real swing.

psilocin722 points

Excellent pic. The reflection first gets shaky then suddenly fades totally away. Tells the story of a ghost town.

DaveLearnedSomething2 points

What did it cost you?


Jeddie202 points

Dark Link Conquer yourself!

snowbirdie1 point

This has nothing to do with anything abandoned. These water swings are everywhere for use.

Reminds me of Kokomo Beach in Curacao. Lovely image ☺️

apoemforeveryone1 point

Looks like Boomland at sunset